Two Closely Related Questions for Presidential Candidates

[The following questions were submitted on 9/25 to Tim Russert (emcee) of MSNBC to be heard for the 9/26 Democratic Presidential Debates in New Hampshire]

Sept 25, 2007

1) One of Mr. Bush’s greatest friends and campaign contributors, Mr. Hunt of Hunt Oil, has arranged an independent deal with the Kurds. This is a direct slap in the face of the avowed policy of the U.S. to “share the oil wealth” in Iraq. Is subversion of U.S. policy not a form of or close to treason?? How should this be handled by the U.S. government, which seems to be encouraging the deal? (How, as President, would you handle it?)

2) Blackwell International, another political and economic supporter of President Bush, represents the “cream” of the mercenary soldiers in Iraq. They apparently feel that they are free of Iraqi and U.S. jurisdiction and have been accused of numerous murderous atrocities. As such, does the Iraqi government, absent of any U.S. control, have the right to declare bounties for their capture? Does the U.S. government have any obligation to protect Iraqi citizens from American mercenaries?


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.