Hail to the Chief

September 10, 2007

In the past 5 years, blindly following our leader has made traitors of us all. It has made both the Republicans and Democrats cowards as well. The Republicans, afraid to think for themselves, apologized for one egregious blunder after another, while the Democrats, fearful of losing their worthless majority, swallowed their vomitous pride.

Currently, as our founding fathers turn over in their graves, we have a Christian country and a “Christian” government. We have an administration that “believes” that God is more important than people, that the adoration of God is more important than human life. Now, if one does not believe in their arrogant, power hungry, jealous, paranoid, arbitrary, illogical, hopelessly complicated, anthropomorphic God (whew!) or if one believes in God as an innately logical universal form of “goodness,” that person is “sh*t out of luck” as they say.

It’s hard to say what our President, with who really knows how many dead brain cells after years of hard drinking and drug abuse, would think of someone like Mother Theresa who, despite a loss of faith in her superstitious religion’s childish view of God, still conducted her entire life based on her vision of goodness and its innate value. My God! (Forgive the expression.) What will poor President Bush and the vast number of his cowardly followers do if there is no heaven? Worse yet, what if there is a heaven and they don’t get there because of all those innocent lives they have so proudly frittered away while trying to get there? Does anybody, in his right mind, think that hypocrites like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Delay, or Rove have any chance in hell (Again, forgive the expression) of getting to heaven?

So, if rewards in heaven are all they were after plus a few scores of millions of dollars each to ease their suffering, why the heck are they wasting all of our time and money? What’s more, geniuses, why is everyone apologizing and protecting them?

These are the brilliant students of sociology and military science who fired General Shinseki for advising them that more than 300,000 troops, more time and a plan for both invasion and occupation were necessary before invading Iraq. They replaced him with the almost competent but spineless Tommy Franks. Eventually, they had to demote Generals Zinni and Abizaid. Clearly deferring to the Peter Principle, they replaced them with rocketless scientists Pace and Petraeus because of the former two generals’ penchant for using facts and advanced planning which led them to disagree with little Corporals Rumsfeld and Cheney. Abizaid, of course, despite his brilliance, his ability to speak Arabic and his anticipation of his adversary’s next move, had foolishly complained before the invasion that there was no plan for the occupation. At the first sign of disagreement with Corporal Rumsfeld on the course of the “war,” he was history.

No, competence has never been a highly valued commodity in the [Pseudo] Christian (as opposed to the True Christian) world. I mean, the “Pseudos” think they’ve killed millions of people already in the name of their gods. I’m not sure if they credit the “Father,” the “Son,” or the “Holy Spirit” for the murders, because the three don’t seem to talk much with each other.

Mr. Bush talks personally only to the “Father.” That is how he runs his government, the Fascist one that needs no oversight. No need to worry about Congress or the Judiciary. He and the “Father” have it all covered and we stupid a**holes can take his, no, Their word for it. No need to worry about the compassionate “Son” or that “Holy Spirit” of “goodness” that Mother Theresa expressed so lovingly.

So let’s all hail to the poor little Indian Chief and Crazy Uncle Dick!!!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.