Good News/Bad News


The” Good News”                                                          January 11, 2014

The O’finky Factor is back in stride after a semi hiatus spent completing my novel, The President’s Ledger by my nom de plum, O’finky.  The book is available on Amazon in soft cover now and should be available on Kindle, as well, in a few days.  I like to say that it is a cross between a liberal’s wish list and a lesson in anger management.  At least that’s what I wrote inside the copy I sent to Chris Matthews with the hope that somehow his staff will let him read it.

As I told my favorite literary and political critics, after thousands of hours of painstaking research, I believe that anything that “looks like” the truth in this work of fiction probably is true.  It is my sincere hope that certain people on this planet can learn from the many mistakes of the characters in “The Land of Reason.”

The Bad News

Reports are that the petulant Herpeticus stupidus virus is still on the rampage in Washington.  Miraculously, the U.S. Christian Supreme Court’s latest Pope, John Roberts granted special dispensation to President Obama’s healthcare odyssey, calling it a virtual tax.  Otherwise, unblessed it would still be a “protection racket,” forcing so many people who really don’t need it into buying health insurance  merely to avoid punishment.

Of course, the problem is that in the 1940’s then Pope Roosevelt helped to sow the seeds that eventually grew into the brilliant notion that employers should bear the burden of healthcare for the entire nation.  Since then, apparently, both Moses and Jesus must have risen from their divine slumber and appeared before certain chosen members of both inept political parties and decreed this as some divine law for Americans only.  Although I myself have not had the sacred honor of witnessing this “resurrection,” representatives of both the Democratic Party of Abject Foolishness (I don’t have the heart to say “stupidity”) and the Republican Party of abject Evil, have sworn to have witnessed the testimony of the two sages.

Under the devastating influence of the stupidus virus, certain liberal extremists in the Obama administration have insisted that employers have to pay for virtually every sort of contraceptive agent, even those which are effective after fertilization of the egg by the sperm.  This would actually be “no big deal” under a truly socialized system in which citizens pay for their own medical insurance through taxes with those that can’t afford it getting a little help from those that can.  In our case, however, the besieged employer is forced to pay for something that is clearly against his sincere religious convictions and, ironically, merely because Pope John Roberts  has blessed The Affordable Care Act as somehow a legitimate “virtual tax.”

In my opinion, even though I am a staunch advocate of birth control by contraception, the administration ought to” get off of its high horse” and admit when it’s wrong.  Yes, women deserve to be able to purchase contraceptives, but the employer’s legitimate religious views must be honored as well.  I personally hope that “Obama Care” works out until we can formulate a functional one party payer system for medical insurance, owned by the government (federal or state) but run by private insurance companies beyond the reach of the disease infested lobbies that currently own the equally disease plagued U.S.House and Senate.