Irony and Hypocrisy

March 27, 2008

Legacy of Cheney/Bush: How the Very, Very Rich got Richer and the Poor Got Poorer

Recently, Reverend Wright was rightfully criticized for comments labeled “over the top” by most media sources. These included various subjects, including accusations that the present administration conspired to bring on the 9/11 attack on our country. These same people cared nothing, he claimed, about the black people in Louisiana and that Israel might commit atrocities against Palestinians.

For these absurd conclusions and statements, Mr. Obama was supposed to denounce, entirely, his preacher and his church, as well. Similarly, of course, millions of people are supposed to denounce scores of Baptist churches for Ministers’ insistence that the devastation of the Tsunami in Indonesia and the floods in Louisiana were acts of God to punish homosexuals and liberals. Similarly, millions of Catholics should have changed to a more reasonable religion as their priests, one after another, condemned Vice President Gore to eternal damnation for Mr. Clinton’s blowjobs.

Most of the issues discussed by Reverend Wright involve subjects purposely and completely ignored by the Cheney/Bush administration and the so-called “news media.” Issues like the refusal and failure of the FBI to follow up on CIA leads (imagine this administration refusing to tap terrorist phones!!!) and payment of millions of dollars to mobile home manufacturers for unused units, then paying more millions of dollars to hotel and cruise ship owners and other Republican campaign donors to house flood victims, then rebuilding hotels, casinos and condos instead of restoring housing for the displaced survivors. These are only a few of the fetid issues that continue to fester in the black community.

Instead of wasting our time with the Reverend Wright, who is probably sorry now that he “overstated” his case, let us not use him as an excuse to continue to ignore these issues!!!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.