August 23, 2007

America is at a true crossroads. For the first time in over 200 years, our most prized national treasure, the Constitution, is under siege from all directions. With the resurgence of mindless superstition and overwhelming stupidity in both Christianity and Islam, with both religions gradually succumbing to fascist ideologies, we are in danger of losing not only our minds and souls, but our national identity.

With the help of many puritanical evangelists and Catholics returning to their old psychotic roots, we twice elected a child king to direct us in a complex and adult world. Severely wounded and insulted, Middle America showed its true colors: red, white, blue and yellow. Millions of American men would rather identify with true cowards like draft dodgers Bush and Cheney than admit their lust for oral sex like President Clinton.

With the Democratic Congress’ affirmation of Mr. Cheney’s illegal wire taps, Americans did to themselves what some 1800 years of religious persecution, Nazi and Communist movements and sheer bigotry could not do: we tried to destroy the checks and balances of the Constitution. The last hope for oversight of a neofascist administration was traded for 30 shekels by incompetent disinterested fools like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Now all that is left is our lackluster incompetent Press Corps. With all their billions of dollars in resources, all the best of our “Free Press” in this country can discover is the First Lady’s favorite toilet paper or underwear.

The Pentagon releases computer-generated (forged) evidence that Mr. Bush was honorably released from the National Guard- they are forbidden to follow up (Dan Rather is fired!). Mr. Cheney drunkenly shoots his friend in the face; covered up. Cheney and Rumsfeld’s psychotic misconduct of the Iraqi debacle- covered up. No investigation into the role of the CIA and FBI in the failure to intercept the 9-11 terrorists or the ability of one airplane to take down two buildings, one which it does not even hit. No investigation into the failure of the CIA in Iraq (read Cobra II for goodness sake). No investigation into the firing of federal attorneys and the role of Congressmen and Mr. Rove into attempts at coercion. How far does the press have to go to protect these people?

Tom Delay and his preemption of legislation to protect coal miners, the administration’s protection of oil companies at the expense of a rational energy policy, killing thousands of American soldiers at the behest of poor Raytheon- those people too stupid and greedy to take advantage of Israel’s tank antimissile devices or decent armor for bodies or tanks. Our heroes: Cowards to the core- who would never think of oral sex, but would vicariously dream of the sweet bulge in their pants as they imagine that it is they who so bravely kill the evil Islamic fascists. They imagine that they are those heroic soldiers that they so proudly sacrifice in a land so many thousand of miles away. Poor Cheney and Bush taking on their broad, manly shoulders the huge burden of all those yet unborn while sacrificing the living to their cannibalistic deity. No time to worry about those thousands of so cheaply spent souls in a country so far away nor the sick and dying in their own country.

It all has to do with taking responsibility: let us continue to create and nourish a poor class. Let us use the Laissez-faire code of our Supreme Court; let us copy the Catholic Church’s vision of a massive class structure. Here’s to the enduring concept of the very rich and the very poor. Let us sacrifice in the true sense. Feed our children to Mammon. Big business, the Cannibalistic goal of the religious right- we elected a child king without judgment or conscience. They chose a god only 2000 years old- a child god by any gods’ standard, bad enough, but his father is barely 5,000 years old, a child himself. A child king and a child god in a grown up world!!! What about all those poor murdered, accursed people that found themselves in Hell before He murdered all those people in the great flood of Noah?

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.