Stupidity- An Overview


June 30, 2009

There are many forms of stupidity, of course, most of which are “simple.” These forms usually end up hurting an individual and his immediate family. We are all guilty of this. We make a mistake, swear not to do it again, but our emotions betray us and we repeat it- to the constant “I told you so’s” of family and friends. Other people are “born stupid” and it is “not their fault.” Society has to “keep an eye” on these people, but in the end, can only do so much.

A third category and currently one of the most dangerous is “religious stupidity.” Religious stupidity is based on the often unconscious, inadvertent premise that “God is stupid.” I have discussed the unfortunate ramifications of this misguided notion in other articles. Here, let me just say that most religious people do not believe that God is stupid, though they may act as though He were.

President Bush, a basically stupid person (simple stupid), fought valiantly against abortion (not a stupid thing) but, stupidly, fought against contraception. Pope Benedict fights those same fights. I don’t believe that he, like Bush, is “basically” or “simply stupid.” His is a feigned stupidity based on 2000 years of feigned stupidity by his Church. Both Mr. Bush and Pope Benedict blame their “stupidity” on the fact that they must conserve principles and habits blessed by God, no matter how much pain, suffering and needless misery they may cause. Some in the Church and in other religions, including some Jews and Moslems, would still burn witches, stone women for adultery (but not men), punish homosexual relationships and not recognize people who were dunked improperly in water or circumcised incorrectly.


“Exponential stupidity” is probably the most dangerous form of stupidity in this country. It is reaching epidemic proportions and is mostly propogated by our system of case law. Because one case is misjudged, it leads to other cases and so on, like a bacterial or viral plague. Thus one purposely or naturally stupid judge can cause unmitigated disaster throughout the “Injustice” System.

In the “old days,” it was OK to string up “Ni**ers or Jews,” whether they were guilty or not. Thus one could quote something like “Washington vs KKK” in which it was OK to hang a misogynous couple and extrapolate to killing homosexuals in the same manner. Similarly, since judges have always let politicians like Bush and Cheney off for drunk driving, even for shooting somebody while drunk, this has become what apologists call a “precedent.” Getting a blow job from a consenting adult (even delighted to do it) is a serious federal crime, however.

Political persecutions like that of Don Siegelman and Paul Minor, for instance, are not recognized as crimes by the “Injustice Department,” whether headed by Ashcroft (feigned stupid), Gonzo (simple stupid), or Eric Holder (the jury is out on which type of stupid).

Essentially, our “Justice System” under President Bush (simple stupid) was replaced, under Monica Goodling (born stupid) and other graduates of Pat Robertson’s Christian law school by remedial (very simply stupid) pseudo-attorneys with little knowledge of the Constitution or even the Bible. The Congress, as a body (incompetent due to feigned and simple stupidity) is completely unable to deal with this problem, while Mr. Holder (stupid??) seems unwilling or afraid to clean up his department. If he does not do so, it will represent only the beginning of the ravages of exponential stupidity. Eric, please do not let political persecution become “Case Law.”

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.