The Problem with Christian Law- Part I

(The Polite Part)

October 8, 2009

The Junior Bush era, with political prosecutions of people like Don Siegelman, Paul Minor and Alex Latifi was officially blessed by recently appointed Associate Counsel William Reukauf.  Reukauf, in upholding the misnamed Department of Justice, in rejecting whistleblower Tamarah Grimes’ testimony against members of the Prosecution in the case of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, has been widely and officially confirmed by liberals as newest “fox guarding the henhouse.”  They say that Ms. Grimes, ostensibly fired for telling the truth, will find no justice in the now confirmed “Injustice Department.”

Recently, I have pored through government records of Ms. Grimes’ whistleblower testimony.  Before condemning poor Mr. Reukauf, let us see the quagmire into which he has stepped.

Ms. Grimes, initially, “blew the whistle” on sexual harassment by one of the attorneys involved in the Siegelman case.  In addition, she charged that unneeded expenses were incurred by the prosecuting team.  In separate charges, she alleged that a certain employee was given preferential treatment by Leura Canary, infamous prosecutor in the “Big Case” against Siegelman.  These initial allegations had no direct impact on the “Big Case.”

What blew her little mediation case into a national affair was her statement to Ms. Stokes, the mediator between Grimes and management.  Stokes states that Grimes admitted “recording” all the conversations involved in her allegations.  Ms. Grimes claims that she had referred to “written recordings,” while the mediator believed that she said “taped” conversations at some point.  The mediator, apparently, spent many more hours with management, fine-tuning their notes, than with Ms. Grimes, fine-tuning hers.

What’s the big deal, you ask?  The conversations occurred largely during meetings involving the Siegelman “Big Case.”  Some occurred in proper meetings and some occurred during meetings at a hotel bar where various issues should not have been discussed and with various people, including Stokes and perhaps Canary, who should not have been there.  (Canary, at some point, was supposed to be recused.)  If tapes existed with possible grand jury information, political persecutions aside, Ms. Grimes had to be fired.  If she had actually stated to Stokes that she had recorded “tapes,” even if it were an idle threat, Grimes had to be fired.

Circumstantial evidence lacking, it is Stokes’ word against Grimes’.  Further accusations against the “Big Case” prosecutors were sure to follow, since Grimes was involved in the case.  Mr. Reukauf is in the position of having to admit a conspiracy on the part of perhaps a dozen members of his department involved in nothing but “he said, she said.”  Before condemning the guy, we may have to admit that this investigation is beyond his and his offices’ capabilities.  Comparing him to his predecessor, Mr. Bloch, a retarded religionist (in this case Christian), is premature and unfair at this point.  This investigation needs to go before a Congressional Committee before it can be adjudicated.

The first larger issue involved here, is the utter panic by prosecutors if there were actually tapes.  If so, undoubtedly, Ms. Grimes would be fired anyway, but more importantly, the likelihood of Leura Canary, Alice Martin and perhaps Karl Rove, William Canary, Bloch and scores of people ending up in federal prison is very, very high.  Thus, the irony is that, in the end, the “Big Case” may actually be broken by a rather obvious sexual harassment case that should have been settled expeditiously by Bloch and the OSC office.  Who says that the evil wrought by men does not come back to haunt them?

The second, even larger issue, involved, is the issue of retarded Christians like Mr. Bloch.  Virtually all of the villains mentioned above fall into this oxymoronic category.  Religious retardation demands two criteria.  First, the person must believe that his is the only true religion.  Second, and most importantly, he must believe that it is justifiable to break [Constitutional] law or murder people in the name of his religion.

While remedial Judaism and Islam allowed this early on as evidenced by the Bible and Koran, both religions later rejected the concept of violation of law and killing in the name of their faiths.  Christianity, in its remedial phase, always rejected this horrible concept.  Therefore “remedial Christian” is not really a derogatory term as is remedial Jew or Muslim.  These “God forsaken” Christians are thus “Retarded Christians.”  While politically incorrect, it is the only accurate description.  These miscreants willfully violate the Constitution in the name of God.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.