They Will Eat Their Young

May 2, 2008

They eat their young.

When nothing else is left, they will eat their young.

When is enough enough?

Billionaire companies “freeing markets.” Major industries beyond the power of duly elected governments. Using international terror as their chief marketing tool.

Strangling the poor and now the dwindling middle class, creating “the new poor.”

Starting with Ronald Reagan, dismantling Jimmy Carter’s energy policy, draining his energy fund to return the money to the general fund.

Virtually no gasoline taxes, ensuring virtually no energy conservation. Encouraging U.S. automakers to continue producing gas guzzlers. [Oil companies] suppressing patents on energy-saving auto engines.

Paul Volker gouging 3rd World countries with absurdly high interest rates for the benefit of the “free marketeers” enabling them to bleed 3rd World economies into submission (and ours as well).

The wealth of nations shifted to the Free Market Military Industrial Capitalists. Companies financing both sides of major wars. Now, deregulating every possibly industry: Oil, Airlines, Telephones, Minerals, Insurance, the Armed Forces. Exploiting the myth of privatization. The Milton Friedman New Religion: The Free Market Economy.

So many times, in my essays, I have wondered out loud: How can we reconcile the oxymoronic phenomenon of the “Neofascist Jew?” The “Neopsychotics,” excuse me… “Neoconservatives,” like Wolfowitz, Kristel, Friedman himself, are people whose ancestors have been systematically exterminated by one fascist government after another for 2000 years. They are not only embracing the Republican/ Bush policies, but they are decimating our Constitution and economy at the same time.

The answer is truly sad. They have changed their religion, if not their heritage. Wealth and power have become their religion. Worse yet, they have joined the remedials, those prehysterical psychotics who believe that their religion is the true and only religion. They, like Milton Friedman, have based their ideas on faith, not facts. For, like religious fanatics, they watch their religion fail where it counts the most- in improving the quality of life, not only of themselves, but of others as well. Unfortunately, their free market fantasies have never worked anywhere!

Worse yet, where wise and far-seeing Republican presidents like Nixon and Bush Sr. refused, under enormous pressure from these fanatics to destroy our economy, “born again” Junior Bush succumbed, just as he had before, to alcohol, drugs and psychotic discussions with God.

Four trillion dollars bled out of our economy, extending Mr. Reagan’s “gift of poverty,” our national debt to our children and grandchildren. Precious few dollars to the Iraqis after a needless war that destroyed their infrastructure, but trillions of dollars to Haliburton, Bechtel, Mobil Oil, Blackwater International and almost 200,000 Bush/Cheney carpetbaggers. Millions of dollars a day in oil is lost to American and Iraqi black marketeers sanctioned by our government.

When the money runs out and the companies have all of our wealth, when the Republicans and various mindless Democrats (did I say Reid or Pelosi?) have enabled the Neopsychotics to bleed us dry, then the Republican remedials can revert to what they always have: they will “eat their young.”

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.