Without Sanctions Against Banks There Will Never Be An End To Global Warfare


     Yesterday I ran across an article in a publication called “The Daily Caller.”   Entitled “Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In and Obama’s Policy Is A Direct Danger To The United States,”  the article supposedly represents the views of The National Defense Panel, a bipartisan commission whose co-chairs were appointed by Secretary of State Chuck Hagel.  The panel blasted President Obama’s foreign, security, and defense policies.  Essentially, they complained bitterly about military force reductions, budget cuts and our inability to fight two massive land wars and another small one (referred to as a “half war) all at the same time.  This policy is known as “the flexible response doctrine,” introduced by the Kennedy administration in the midst of the cold war.

     Now, I am not especially fond of defending Mr. Obama’s domestic or foreign policies, especially the inane continuation of a useless war in Afghanistan or his honoring President Bush’s contract to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq.  The anonymous Pentagon spokesman is basically advocating the policies of little fairy children like Tinkerbells Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, simply that of grown men playing video games with our soldiers’ lives.  They represent miniscule intellects, totally incapable of controlling world policies through economics.

     The road is clear.  The international banks control it all and our effete governments are almost totally unwilling and incompetent to put any pressure on the banking industry.  The National Defense Panel’s anonymous and cowardly spokesperson will, no doubt, be paid handsomely by the munitions industry upon retirement for his invaluable assistance to them.  Economic sanctions do work, but only if there is a will to enforce them.  Mr. Obama might have the “right idea,” but does not seem to have the fortitude or the fire in his belly necessary to pressure Europe into dealing with their own problems, especially  Vladimir Putin and renewed Soviet imperialism.

     Our Federal reserve and its accomplice, The International Monetary Fund don’t lend money to governments, they victimize them with the interest payments, while most of the actual funds seem to end up in the hands of the banks and eventually in the hands of their friends.  How many trillions of our dollars ended up in the hands of “ex” Communist oil barons in Russia, the same criminals responsible for the takeover of the Crimea and the destabilization and violence in the Ukraine?  There are probably scores of oil rich billionaires in Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, all courtesy of “free money” donated to them for political favors.  How much reals monetary assistance actually ended up in the hands of Luk Walesa’s or Nelson Mandela’s new governments and how much did undeserving ex Communists and Apartheid cronies receive from the banks?  The indisputable fact is that without sanctions against banks, there will never be an end to global warfare!

     Mr. Obama is currently powerless to deal with Exxon Mobil, Halliburton and other sordid corporations eager to do business with Putin or any other of the world’s greatest bullies.  Without the avid assistance of the banking industry, neither China or Russia or Iran can pose threats justifying massive rearmament.  Ironically, the meek President Obama could accomplish much more by threatening Una Merkel that he is ready to pull thousands of our troops out of NATO than he could with any other single move.  That threat alone might also deter the current Vichy government of France from selling warships to Russia!

     By the way, National Defense Panel members and cowardly spokesperson, more than half of you will be quite dead in a few short years, victims of cancer, diabetes and several other “incurable” diseases.  How many of these do you think could have already been cured with the more than forty billion in research funds foolishly dumped by our current president into the cesspool of Afghanistan.  And, what of the multiple trillions of dollars the little Tinkerbells in Junior’s administration embezzled and wasted on their friends to finance their fantasy video games in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Al Finkelstein (Ofinky) 8/2/14