Wake Up Sleepyhead

November 11, 2009

Wake up America, rub the sleep out of your eyes.  The FBI, the CIA, and military “intelligence” have never been “great shakes” at doing their jobs.  They are all still neophyte agencies in the eyes and minds of the rest of the world, and in truth, they have never matured into really competent, effective entities.  They employ far too many incompetent appointees, many entering these services due to their own psychological issues and problems.  The work they are given makes these problems worse, not better.

Add to this the treacherous interference by pure politicians like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld  and a host of Neocons putting wealth far ahead of national security.  The result is that these agencies are corrupted and compromised beyond recognition.  It is no surprise that none of these agencies could recognize Major Hasan’s danger to his army comrades or to society as a whole.  It is difficult to add “one and one” when for eight years you have been taught that it equals anything but “two.”

How many of Blackwater’s mercenary murderers have sought refuge in the CIA to protect them from testimony?  How many prisoners were tortured merely to entice them into false testimony about WMD’s or nonexistent links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaida?  Why did the FBI not follow leads given to them by the CIA regarding the 9/11 attack?  Why does it appear that business interests (Military Industrialists) concern many of our military commanders so much more than national security interests???

A clean sweep is in order- with large numbers of new troops in Afghanistan, our country could be facing a virtual takeover of foreign policy by individuals in the military.  Hopefully, Mr. Obama will not fall for this ploy.  The CIA, the FBI and military “intelligence” must be overhauled.  Anyone involved in torture for production of false information must be fired.  This goes for military, CIA or any government agencies including and especially, the “Justice” Department.  No punishment is necessary- just surgical excision of the infected members.  If British or Israeli advisors are needed, so be it!

The U.S. Armed Forces can no longer be a military power unto itself.  It can no longer act like a group of children in an arcade, playing game after game with real people’s lives.  Far more of our soldiers commit suicide than are killed by “the enemy,” unless we include our government as one of the “enemies.”

It does not take political scientists to understand that many tactics short of war are equally or, most of the time, even more effective in curbing international terrorism and most other threats to national security.  Furthermore, as my young grandson understands, we cannot win any war that we start. 

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.