The Problem with Christian Law- Part II

(The Nasty Part)

October 8, 2009

Will some twenty six years of distinguished service in the US Office of Special Counsel go for naught if Mr. Reukauf succumbs to the “brothel” of retarded Christian law?  In the true spirit of the Crusades and the slightly more sophisticated Inquisition, the “Justice Department” is still, under the watchful eye of Uncle Tom Holder, being run by mail order graduates of religious brothels like Ave Maria Law School or Pat Robertson’s “Learn Law as you Learn How to Read” Law School.  The Christian Law Schools teach people how to sell their souls for profit instead of their bodies.  It’s a unique way to make money, I guess, but “prostitution” is “prostitution,” you know.  You could ask Monica Goodling, but she still doesn’t understand, does she?  The problem with “Christian Law,” of course, is not that it is an “oxymoron,” but that so many morons abuse it.  Knowledge of Law and Integrity have no place, apparently, in these pseudo-Christian institutions, nor in the US pseudo-Christian Department of Justice.

Ask Alice Martin, who had no trouble suborning perjury and who didn’t care, by her own admission, “if Alex Latifi is guilty or not, I just want to put him out of business.”  Ask Leura Canary, who, despite “recusing herself” from the Siegelman case, had no trouble with her friend and cohort, Alice Martin, in suborning perjury.  These religious whores are still rampant in the now officially ordained “Uncle Tom Holder” Injustice Department, inherited from Alberto Gonzalez.  Changing pimps, apparently, doesn’t change the product.  The only question: Who’s the big boss?  Is it still Karl Rove?  Mr. Obama, your reputation is rapidly disintegrating before our eyes.  Better do something, sir.

Mr. Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative” turned out to be a cover for organized criminal activity, for religious prostitution of all sorts.  Most of the Initiative’s honest attempts to be useful have severely backfired.  All in all, the program, a disease entity, cannot be cured by injection of a few good souls, Mr. Obama.  Good try, but it needs to be abandoned as does your unfortunate and, somehow, unvetted choice for Attorney General.

The average American voter, naïve, uneducated (politically), disinterested and uninformed, can be screwed for only so long before taking action.  In the last election, many voters, on both sides, attempted to make intelligent choices instead of taking the law into their own hands.  Eventually, with the increasing absence of a fair and impartial judicial system, with absurdly archaic, but powerfully evil, psychotic forces, like the NRA, egging people on, the formula for disaster is actively brewing. 

This week, I am sending $200.00 to the Democratic National Committee to pay off Mr. Holder.  If there is anything left over, it can be used “for the good of the party.”

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.