II. Second Class Selections

May 14, 2009


Despite the fact that I respect the expertise of people like Tim Geithner and Eric Holder, I have little respect for their truly abysmal records. Eric Holder is known mainly for quietly endorsing President Clinton’s misguided pardon of swindler Mark Rich. He also did nothing at a time in 2000 when a Florida governor and election supervisor, at the behest of a host of flunky legislators, purposely and illegally added thousands of innocent voters’ names to a list of felons. These innocent voters had their constitutional right to vote ripped away from them. Instead of arresting these brazen thugs, Holder chose to take his paid vacation from sworn duties, to not uphold the law and not to investigate crimes- much as he is doing today. Mr. Geithner, head of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, chose not to regulate those very banks which he had now chosen not to nationalize. Instead, he has watched us squander trillions of bogus, newly printed dollars, chasing “not so good” money after bad, saving the very same “criminals” that destroyed the entire economy. He seems to work for them, not us.


Why am I not surprised that Mr. Holder dismissed the case of an obviously guilty man like Senator Stevens, but is, as usual, afraid to involve himself in the cases of Don Siegelman and Harold Miner (political prisoners) or even the problem of abuse of torture? Notice that the problem is not use of torture, but abuse of the practice. Why am I not surprised at the diseased Republican Party desperately blocking the confirmation of Dawn Johnson? The obstruction is due to fear. Johnson, probably the rightful choice for attorney general, causes not only these snakes to soil their clothing, but Democratic reptiles as well, with every word they fear she will utter.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.