The Senator Select

January 6, 2009

Ah! Perspective rears its ugly head again! Senator Select Burris- take your seat! Yes, there are times when things do become painfully “obvious” as opposed to “apparent,” and this is one of them.

“Sorry Charlie,” I mean “Harry,” but Mr. Burris was duly appointed as the Senator from Illinois by an unindicted, unconvicted, unimpeached, duly elected governor as prescribed by his unamended state constitution.

The fact is that Harry Reid, not a Constitutional Scholar, but an expert in Pork Futures, would prefer a “sexier” candidate who will reclaim his seat in 2010. That is what he means by admitting that the situation is “negotiable.” The only way that Mr. Burris can fail to be seated is with the help of fellow pork expert Mitch McConnell who would like the seat to be contested now in an open election. McConnell, no constitutional expert either, could ask his fellow Republicans on the Supreme Court, no constitutional students themselves, to gladly violate the Constitution for him. This is something that his fellow porkers have cheerfully done many times before, of course, as a favor to one of their favorite political advisors.

By the way Harry, you may soon be under indictment for negotiating a political payoff for a senatorial seat (Mr. Burris having to agree not to run in 2010). How, sir, are you so different from Governor “Blago?”


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.