Those Who Betray Us

Sept. 14, 2007

If I were a Presidential candidate, say Joe Biden, I would say: “I believe that General Petraeus is lying. I hope he is not. If he is, whether or not I am elected President, I will follow the general to hell, if need be, to bring him to justice, and that goes for his Commander in Chief as well.”

As for Mr. Boehner, you represent the people who send young soldiers off to war to satisfy their own petty desires and to prove meaningless theories. Heartless, freeloading bureaucrats, you proudly refuse to bring our young men and women home from an unethical war in which your own failed and incompetent policies have murdered so many of them. Of course it is worth it to you if thousands of our soldiers are killed if we can chase the 6,000 Al Qaeda members from Iraq. You people are cowards of the worst kind: without conscience.

The fact that our President and so many of his amoral apologists continue to sacrifice innocent lives and refuse to serve their country, just as they refused to serve 40 years ago, represents the epitome of hypocrisy.

I have never before been so ashamed of my government. I can live with the vile taste of lobbies owning and raping the health care system, price supports for the billionaire oil companies and weapons manufacturers, the fixing of national elections, subversion of and by the FBI, CIA, and the Justice Department, but I cannot live with the sacrifice of our precious soldiers for the good of one man. He is a “man” who never served his country- who, 40 years ago, let his country down, drunk and drugged, who faked his National Guard discharge documents (computer generated), who faked CIA evidence, who lied to his own Secretary of State, Colin Powell, who as President was afraid to face the people of New Orleans, who in violation of his oath, he totally failed to protect. I have never been so ashamed to be an American, to have witnessed a country whose illiterate and stupid fools voted for this traitor. Why is it so difficult for the milk toast Democrats to say the words “coward” or “traitor?” The words fit. Republicans usually use them for everyone with whom they disagree. They fit 3 years ago when John Kerry’s campaign managers took all those millions of dollars (I assume from Mr. Rove) to not use those very words. They fit the ex drug and alcohol abuser and his five times draft deferred Vice-President, but they were uttered only by Republicans.

I sympathize with General Petraeus- he comes from a culture that values loyalty to one’s superior as more important than the good or security of his country. He has lied and let his country down. He has lied and let his men down. I do not consider this man, who has dedicated his career to protecting his country, a traitor, but he is a “fellow traveler.” He is too young to remember Nuremberg and “following orders.” His duty is to resign and tell the truth. It will set him free! It is too late for the President of the United States. He is guilty of murder and treachery. For him there is no hope and his career has no further value. Enough American soldiers and innocent Iraqis have died on a fool’s errand sent by a true fool. It is time for the President and Vice President to save their own souls and it is the job of the American people, the House and Senate to help them do so.

If the Republican Party is afraid “to do the right thing,” the Democratic Congress needs to at least try to pass a bill stating that they no longer recognize the President and Vice President of the U.S. due to mental defect and that they will in no way cooperate with them. As they are complete and dangerous embarrassments influenced by (neo) psychotic ideas and have evidenced to the world a pattern of willful violations of our Constitution, these resignations need to be demanded.

Allen Finkelstein D.O.