July 4, 2008

July fourth- a good day for John McCain to be making his Vice Presidential choice. Right now McCain’s campaign is in total disarray- actually, I feel, through no fault of his own.. The man, John McCain, is, of course, in the wrong party. If he were a Democrat, both he and Joe Lieberman would have been in the White House seven and a half years ago. At this point in time, Mr. McCain is Bush III. Mitt Romney is actually in the same situation. He too, is in the wrong party. As a Moderate Governor in Massachusetts, Romney was the poster boy for everything a 21st Century “statesman” should be. However, he, like McCain, had to revert to religious fanaticism and fascism to run for President in the Republican Party. Romney is still, by far, Mr. McCain’s best qualified choice for V.P. King George, unfortunately, temporarily derailed his brother’s political aspirations.

McCain, I believe, could actually win this thing in a very unconventional way- by telling the truth! The McCain of 2000, the sober “Nigger Lover” in South Carolina that held his tongue to protect a drunken bigot like George Bush, would still be admired by the vast majority of Democrats. It would take a bold plan, something only a John McCain could pull off.

McCain must vow to “tell the truth” and break away from George Bush. He could apologize for correcting his words of last month- admitting that the only reason he voted to send soldiers to Iraq was to protect our oil interests, just as Bush Senior and Bill Clinton had done. Not because of WMDs or to rebuild a nation and not as Bush and Cheney had done in order to protect the interests of oil. He would further point out that “I am no friend of Haliburton, Mobil Oil, Blackwater International or the 200,000 Bush/Cheney Carpetbaggers infecting Iraq and our economy. If elected, I would begin a careful phased withdrawal of Haliburton, Mobil Oil, Blackwater and those hundreds of thousands of Carpetbaggers and then I would worry about withdrawal of our soldiers. Mr. Bush has inserted an Iranian government in Iraq and when his Iranian government threatens Israel, the only thing protecting Iraq from eradication will be the safety of the American soldiers."

"Support for our armed forces should not include protection of or financial support of Haliburton, Exxon Mobil, Carpetbaggers or any other parasites supported thus far by the considerable sweat of American Taxpayers."

McCain could then stop pandering to the American people with idiotic ideas like cutting gas taxes and drilling in Alaska and off the coasts. Clearly, these are ploys for oil companies to avoid drilling in “easy areas” like Texas and Oklahoma where they have already capped wells that contain billions of barrels of oil to escape the higher royalties they must pay. McCain cannot partner with the “parasites” and win. Unfortunately, Obama probably can.

July fourth- a good day for Barak Obama to think about making a Vice Presidential choice. Mr. Obama has far more choices than Mr. McCain. Sam Nunn? Not bad- a moderate, respected by everyone except Hillary’s minions. Senator Webb of Virginia- a good choice, but in office only 2 years. Ah… what about a man above reproach, a statesman, a moderate Democrat who voted against going into Iraq, an expert in both foreign affairs and domestic affairs, a very successful governor and highly respected Senator. Why not choose one of the best human beings available? Why not choose Bob Graham? A bit old, not a great orator? Obama makes up for it. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to have a sage in the White House as V.P. instead of a sadist, would it?

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.