The Patsy

July 3, 2007

In the oft quoted, but usually forgotten words of President Reagan: “There you go again.” “Business as usual.”

Scooter Libby gets a pass. The President commutes his sentence. The major Democrats, of course, completely miss the point. Libby is the patsy. It’s the story of “Modern America.” Oswald, the ultimate, prototypic patsy, was probably the foil of the FBI while James Earl Ray probably was as well. We witness the absurdity of the 9-11 tragedy and again, the CIA is blamed for the FBI’s incompetence. Even the CIA is allowed to become a patsy.

We are a Nation of patsies- clearly the least informed, most ill informed and gullible of all major nations. Our news media, liberal and conservative alike, is among the most censored in the entire world. Hundreds of hours of useless news coverage to cloud clear issues. The handsome actor Patrick Fitzgerald, the paragon of Gonzo’s “Justice Department,” instead of looking for the truth and indicting Vice President Cheney as co-conspirator or, at least, calling him to testify, indicts Scooter McPatsy. This is a shrewd move by the directors of this comic drama, because Carl Rove is not indicted nor is he called to testify.

The irony is that if I don’t feel that it was right to indict (impeach) Mr. Clinton, how can I feel that it is right to indict Scooter? Of course Scooter made a tacit deal with the Vice President and his Justice Department, but why not? Libby’s no criminal: obstruction of a tort investigation? Just once, I’d like to see someone look for the truth instead of punishing some poor schmendrick. Patrick Fitzgerald is the one obstructing justice. He’s the one protecting Cheney and Rove and Bush. Why didn’t the illustrious prosecutor give Libby immunity? Why? Maybe you can’t pardon someone for not testifying???

We are a nation of Patsys. As long as we allow lobbies to run our country, unchecked, we will have no viable health system, no viable social security system, no viable homeland security, no adequately defended armed forces, no cures or prevention of major killer diseases, no viable levees in New Orleans, no mass transit systems in many urban areas and especially no comprehensive energy policy.

Laboratory, durable medical goods and drug lobbies invest millions of dollars in campaign contributions and receive hundreds of billions of dollars in return, nearly bankrupting Medicare. The Pentagon values the welfare of Raytheon’s multimillion-dollar contract for tank antimissile devices far more than American soldiers’ lives. Similarly, inferior armor providers are more important than American lives.

Hillary, Biden, and Edwards have supported Democratic buddies like Stark and Dingle- as accessories to the rape of Medicare. How are we supposed to vote for them? Their health care initiatives are “more of the same.” They are vehicles for graft. They did not do their “homework” on the WMD’s or Iraq. What makes you think they will do their homework now, on healthcare?

Why are these people clamoring about commuting Libby’s sentence? Why the feigned indignation over the total corruption of the Republican Cartel, uh…party. My advice- “Physician heal thyself.” According to Terry McAuliffe, the narcissistic ex-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Mr. Kerry’s campaign crew had 50 million unused dollars left in their coffers at election’s end. They admitted to $18 million. Where is the missing $32 million? Apparently, the cost of throwing a major US Presidential election is $32 million.

Does it take a rocket scientist or Mafia Don to see that as soon as John Edwards was chosen as Vice Presidential Candidate instead of Bob Graham, the election was lost (thrown?). Unfortunately we will never know; who will find out… the Justice Department, the FBI, a bumbling Democratic Congressional Committee?

Allen Finkelstein D.O.