An Unfortunate Case of Jilted Lovers


Despite the hypocrisy of Republican apostates in blaming Uncle Eric Holder for the “Fast and Furious” debacle, the effete attorney general and his naive boss, President Obama seem to have brought this travesty on themselves.  After three and a half years of ignoring Bush administration atrocities, after failing to fire hundreds of amoral and incompetent Bush concubines in the so called “Justice Department,” Mr. Obama and his useless appointee are finally facing the consequences they so richly deserve.  For three and a half years they have defended one corrupt Republican judicial and legal policy after another.  They have failed to defend numerous innocent victims of political prosecution again and again, while prosecuting scores of innocent defendants ad nauseum.


 From their ardent defense of Karl Rove, William Canary, the perverted Judge Fuller as well as collaborating U.S. Attorneys Leura Canary, Alice Martin, and Louis Franklin and their framing of Governor Siegelman[1] to Martin’s subornation of perjury to frame defense contractor Alex Latifi[2] [3], Republican federal attorneys were permitted to leave a trail of their smoldering fecal material along the entire Alabama legal landscape.  Mr. Obama’s Uncle Eric not only defended virtually every such case of political prosecution, but continued a seemingly relentless assault on the integrity of one of the most useless “Justice Departments” this country has survived since the Civil War. 



After so eagerly defending federal attorneys for politically motivated prosecutions, Holder and his cowardly boss seemed to have no real qualms about the police and prosecutors framing Troy Davis for murder or even his execution in Georgia.[4]  They even went out of their way in Iowa to argue that it is excusable and acceptable for prosecutors to frame an American citizen for murder without legal consequences.[5]  Meanwhile, waiting over two years before mounting a weak and incompetent defense against the illegal attempts of Republicans to block and interfere with the voter franchise, the two unfortunately incompetent attorneys are shocked that Republicans are suddenly insulted that the Attorney General and his boss are interfering with their illicit legal policies for the first time in their entire administration!  Who can blame Republicans? Their friend of more than twelve years, whose law firm defended “W” in the 2000 recount scandal,[6] who conveniently forgot to prosecute Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris for transferring the names of hundreds of known non-felons to the rolls of felons, purposely robbing them of the right to vote, had suddenly turned on them![7]



It had never bothered Uncle Eric and his boss that the 2004 presidential election was fixed by Republicans in Ohio or that the Republican IT expert had to be assassinated to prevent him from testifying. [8] [9] They didn’t even bother to investigate the Wisconsin election supervisor who mysteriously took 15,000 votes home with her and altered the result of the election of the new state Supreme Court justice.  Never mind that she had been caught two or three times before, doing the same thing.[10] [11]



Now that Uncle Eric is no longer their ally, jilted Republican cuckolds are turning on their once beloved cohort like scorned lovers aching for retribution.  It is something that was bound to happen.  Mr. Obama was warned time and time again that if he did not properly execute the law, then eventually he would be blamed for not only his own judicial failures, but those of the previous administration as well.[12] [13]  I’m sorry.  Both the President and his useless appointee are getting what they deserve, ironically, by accusers exponentially more guilty than they.  Unfortunately, the only people hurt by this bogus witch hunt by a sham Congress are the American People and poor dead Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.




Al Finkelstein,  6/20/12


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