Bailout Part II

The Building Rage

November 22, 2008


As long as we are asking “simple minded” questions, not being economists, but being taxpayers: What is the difference between “giving” money to various banks and insurance companies and buying stock in those same companies? Why are taxpayers not becoming investors and shareholders in those very same companies? Not, token shareholders, say 3 ½ cents worth on every dollar of our money, given so charitably to these companies that have failed so miserably in their fiduciary responsibilities? Why is a Democratic House of Representatives giving all those billions of dollars to Misters Bush and Paulson, whores of the worst kind, cannibals, who are, even now, eating our young, feasting on the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Why are they giving money to the most undeserving people? Think of it- stockholders in these banks are receiving our shares of the dividends! If the government bought shares in their business with the accursed “Bailout” money, they too would receive a “fair” share of stock in addition to what they already own. There is no other way to look at this.

The most recent gift of Citicorp should not include a measly 7 billion dollars, but far more equity in the company. At least Citicorp’s bailout contains caveats to limit excessive corporate executive bonuses and excessive dividends to shareholders.

The nagging question, however, is why have these companies, those preferred by profligate Republican colleagues, been treated so differently than the automobile companies? Why were they not required to submit reorganization plans or even the promise to avoid those golden parachutes and undeserved dividends to shareholders? Why were they not required to lend out a minimum percentage of their bailout money so gladly stolen from us by the Congress? After all, wasn’t that the idea: “banks loaning money?” Am I missing something here or are we witnessing the ravages of the Herpetis stupidis virus again?

Anyone who claims that Misters Bush and Paulson have ever represented the average American is either an inveterate liar or an idiot. The fact that Junior Bush is far more paranoid over regulations for his “Free Money System” than the welfare of the citizens, whom he so frivolously vowed to protect, is unforgiveable to say the least. What is even more unforgivably stupid is for anyone to believe that, with all the good human beings in this world, that God would waste his time talking to one of his most worthless and dangerous mistakes. Apparently, He does make mistakes, too. Seriously, even I cannot believe that this sorry excuse for a human being, after all the damage he has created, will not lift a finger to help his precious legacy. Any eight-year old child can pick up the phone and call James Baker and say: “Uncle Jim, I made a boo-boo and I need some help.” Well, almost any eight-year old.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.