Presidential Politics (cont’d from "Taking Refuge...")

April 24, 2007

State of the Union : Critical

Condition : Guarded

Diagnosis : Acute Leadership Deficiency

Prescription : 2 Massive doses of Perspective IVP Stat and 100 units of Insight IV to run over 4 years.


One party supported a naïve senator, a “nice guy,” a “war hero” with little insight or perspective, the other party, a wannabe hero with no insight or perspective at all. The only candidate, it seemed, with any insight or perspective, and by far the most worthy candidate of the 2004 Presidential election, was Wesley Clark. A superior human being, a general, a statesman, but not qualified to be President due to his lack of experience, lack of political “gravitus” and most important, lack of a political party for his intelligent platform.

Now, we have, again, a rag tag group of candidates, Democratic and Republican: McCain “too old,” Obama “too young,” Edwards and Clinton too ignorant for too long, Giuliani too scandal ridden, Thomson, Huckabee and Hagel too genuine for the Republican National Committee, Richardson too genuine for the Democratic National Committee.

Meanwhile, two of the very best qualified and worthy candidates that the country has to offer for President are not running. It’s no coincidence that Diane Feinstein and Karen Hughes always fly under the radar- until they speak… and then it’s music. They have insight, they have perspective, they have “gravitus” and they can communicate these qualities. They are women, but first and foremost, they are, like General Clark, superior human beings from very inferior political parties.

Allen Finkelstein D.O.