Please Don’t Wave Goodbye

November 16, 2008


A funny thing happened some years ago. President Bush, a young man by today’s standards, in his twenties or thirties, read a book. He did not, apparently, read the entire book.* I honestly do not know if he has ever read an entire book. The man who admitted that as President of the foremost and most powerful country in the world, he does not read newspapers, but scans the headlines in the front page, does not watch or listen to news programs, obtains his information from staff briefings.



In other words, he receives information about world events second hand from admittedly incompetent staff members. He has received his concepts on economic philosophy from his friends. Undoubtedly he has not read Keynes, Marx or even Milton Friedman. He has shown no understanding, at all, of the Free Market Capitalist System that he thinks he has fought so hard to protect. In fact, despite his many apologists, and despite the foul input of Democrats and Republicans alike, the burden, the responsibility for the economic collapse, worldwide, falls on his “manly shoulders.” Unfortunately, he has not “manned up” to any of his responsibilities: not the foolish Iraq War, a vain attempt for an ignoramus to seek fame the only way he knows how- by ignoring all facts. Not the personal mismanagement and careless approach to the Katrina disaster. Not the wretched debasement of the Justice Department, changing it into a religious whorehouse for unqualified graduates of phony law schools like Oral Roberts University. Not the thousands of agencies disgraced and nullified by tainted lobbyists chosen to lead them. Not to the destruction of virtually all regulation natural and governmental of the marketplace. Not to the inability of small businesses to maintain enough cash-on-hand to pay employees or the average citizen to either pay or even obtain his mortgage, not to students unable to obtain student loans or colleges to keep their doors open, not to local governments unable to pay teachers, policemen, firefighters, nor to maintain roads or basic services. Not to medical research- because of his indifference- unable to adequately research cures for diabetes, arthritis, cancers and many other killer diseases (this has nothing to do with Stem Cell Research).


Mr. Bush, totally unable to reason in those terms, has caused a cascade of destruction. Even now, his hopes for the G-20 summit can be summed up in one run-on sentence: “Please, whatever you want to do to save the world economy and the lives of millions of people, common people that I have never cared about, anyway- just do it, but under no circumstances deregulate the Free Market Economic System so that my Military Industrial and Banking friends are hurt; they are so very dear to me.” They are more dear to him than his country, its (not his) Constitution, or its military. He has shown time and time again, his disdain for soldiers, healthcare, armor and general welfare, our country’s position in the world or the welfare of the common man.


One thing Mr. Bush has done, entirely by accident. He has brought virtually the entire world together with a common purpose: to save the entire world economy from the hands of George W. Bush and his evil and, unfortunately, incompetent Cabal. One thing, guaranteed, there is no leader in any civilized country who is not praying to some sort of god to hasten Mr. Bush’s departure from office. Of this, his “blessed” retirement, he needs to inform absolutely NO ONE!


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.

* The Stranger, by Albert Comms, a book most of us read either in High School or freshman year of college. Mr. Bush is just trying to finish the book as of his interview with Brian Williams. The other book that I wish he would finish is the Bible. No one who has read at least the New Testament in its entirety could possibly be as callous and morally bankrupt… maybe I’m giving certain people too much credit?