That Wonderful World- Part II

October 14, 2008

What did happen to that wonderful world that our fathers fought to re-construct after the horrors of WWII? The answer is a true horror story, an Epic Tragedy. It is a horror story whose second chapter started with the 9/11 Attack. It was an attack permitted by a functionally illiterate President and an incompetent National Security Advisor. It was enabled and facilitated by an evil Grand Vizier (Cheney) and a staff purposefully ignoring all warnings by the CIA and the previous administration. The result:

The illiterate Junior Mr. Bush freed the Neopsychotics, the Oligarchs, sly monsters, creatures the likes of which had not been seen on earth in over sixty years. With their “AntiChrist-ian” disdain for and abuse of the “common man,” they radicalized hundreds of millions of slumbering uneducated Moslem Fundamentalists. They did so, simply, to bolster and maintain their ultimate goal: economic control of the country and eventually absolute control of the world economy. Worse, even, than their attempt to create a new fascist model by undermining our Constitution, our armed forces, our press and even the fundamental right to cast a vote, was their unlocking of the floodgates of Hades.

These men and women permitted the Oligarchs to feast on the very flesh of the economy. No restraints! No holds barred! These “Free Money Capitalists,” (given everything “for free” as their right) were unleashed on everyone! No one was immune, not the filthy rich or the abject poor. It was an orgy, the utter rape and pillage of Republican and Democrat alike, of an entire nation, and eventually the entire earth and all of its inhabitants. It is the story of abuse, not only of its people, but of the earth’s climate and atmosphere. Nothing was safe from these creatures!

Who are these men?

Before we can answer this question, we need to return to the most important issue of our time and the real cause of our present situation. It is the carefully choreographed destruction of all perspective! The fact that so many people laugh at anyone that tries to restore that perspective is the great irony of our time. The obvious is ignored, warnings totally unheeded. In the past, petty governments would interfere with other petty governments, as in Europe, while in the U.S., “innocent,” but uncontrollable, urges like “manifest destiny” were taking root. This concept, like many religious concepts, is blamed on a god who ordains and condones genocide of the Native Americans and enslavement of Africans. It justifies, possibly the most dangerous and most perverted idea of all, that I deserve to get something for nothing and you do not. It is the frequently espoused “rugged individualism” so respected by self-proclaimed “individualists.” These people start out legitimately, but ultimately take unfair political and economic advantage of other individuals.

Again, no matter how rich or powerful you are, you have no “natural right” to receive “something for nothing,” if it is received on the backs of a public which actually earns it for you. A government has no right to exploit its army and economy simply to enrich its evil business associates and the “military industrial complex.” Special rules for Wall Street Whores, more “something for nothing” on the backs of taxpayers and small investors, is not only inappropriate, but it leads to the worst economic venereal disease. What we have is “AIDS” of the Market Place. The source of the plague: The Oligarchs.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.