A Dangerous Look Into The History Of The United States

June 2, 2009

I’ve been publishing my Blog for the past few years because I could no longer tolerate the utter insanity around me. As I watched and read, I observed one mildly mentally ill politician after another, each parading across the news and air waves with virtually no link with reality. A “liberal” Democrat since my childhood, I beheld one ultraliberal extremist after another- McCarthy, McGovern, Dukakis, Gore, Edwards and, finally, the most ridiculous John Kerry, desecrate logic and reason. Gore, rightfully elected President- the most important job in the free world, suddenly decides to give up his victory to an intellectual monkey, a dumb bigot who had won his nomination by calling his Republican opponent, John McCain, a “Ni**er lover,” who fathered a “Ni**er child” by a “Ni**er prostitute” and who was a “homosexual” to boot. Apparently, even with Karl Rove’s assistance, Mr. Bush could not think of any other words beginning with the letter “N!”

Not to be outdone, Republicans, far more mentally incapacitated by hatred, bigotry and unmitigated greed, and, except for the likes of Buckley, Buchanan and perhaps a Joe Scarborough, total ignorance, had the audacity to run a mentally challenged, supposedly ex-drunk and drug addict (Bush) and a simple drunk (Cheney) as leaders of the Free World! They did this with no shame whatsoever! These two “men,” clearly a danger to themselves, others and to the entire earth itself, were so incompetent, that with the help of their 3rd stooge, Donald Rumsfeld, and their ignorant political concubine, Condy Rice, they permitted the 9/11 attack. The coming of this attack, presaged by many warnings, was completely ignored as would be the natural disasters in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. (Don’t worry, not important states like Florida, because the Republicans already owned them.)

In horror, after 9/11, the incompetent and clearly insane administration invaded Afghanistan, emulating the Soviets’ attempt to bankrupt their government. Unfortunately, our country’s vast superior wealth demanded a second useless invasion of Iraq to ensure our ability to bankrupt our nation. It did not hurt that Cheney and Rumsfeld could pocket billions of dollars from these absurd wars. The brain damaged President Bush probably did not even share significantly in their redistribution of American taxpayer wealth.

Soldiers were sacrificed, not furnished with proper armor, weapons, or eventually, long term medical care. A few lone voices like Dennis Kucinich, tried to bring impeachment proceedings against these moral deviants, but to no avail. Pelosi and Reid, pseudo-leaders of the Democratic asylum inmates blocked any such attempts to impeach or even resist these Neopsychotics. Eventually the useless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would take their toll and, with the help of utter deregulation of the economy, would help bankrupt not only the United States, but the entire world economy.

All along, I could hear Barry Goldwater’s admonition, some thirty years ago, echoing in my ears. Essentially, he claimed that the politicians of “today” could not possibly be more corrupt and criminal than those of his day. No, the problem is that they are far less competent or knowledgeable! No kidding! I would settle for sane, evil politicians over incompetent evil ones.

Then, finally, the Democrats nominated sane candidates in the 2006 elections, and, wonder of wonders, they were elected! Later in 2008, both parties ran sane Presidential candidates for President! McCain, not a drunk or a drug addict or an imbecile, not even mentally ill, ran against Barack Obama, similarly intelligent and not mentally ill!

Obama, however, seems to have suffered initially from a terrible dream, a nightmare; Jesus and the apostles appearing to him each night, interrupting his sleep with their chant, warning him to “beware the political harlot and the half wit.” Frustrated, he reportedly consulted a psychiatrist who reassured him that he was not the only victim of the nightmare. Scores of fellow Democrats had been to see him. The dream, he assured him, would not recur once the Democrats, wisely, had filled Congressman Pelosi’s and Senator Reid’s leadership positions with competent replacements. I don’t know if Mr. Obama sill has this dream, but it has given me many sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, the solution to a brainwashed America has been to bail out the very same people who caused the demise of the economy- Goldman Sachs and Henry Paulson’s own fortune were saved by Mr. Paulson, himself, while bankers and insurers were saved from themselves. The insanity still persists. Nancy Pelosi, incompetent political harlot, abjectly ignorant, tries to pass Paulson’s vacuous bailout, but cannot. She turns to the equally ignorant and incompetent Harry Reid who bribes scores of Republican and Democratic congressmen with a total of 112 billion dollars in Pork to ensure the utter rape and pillage of the American taxpayer. Mr. Reid, one of the most incompetent half wits to ever assume his position, miraculously is an unparalleled expert in the art of Pork Barreling.

Mr. Obama, want a prescription for Rozarem or Ambien?

A liberal Democrat all my life, I am proud and ecstatic as Barak Obama is sworn in as President of the United States. I have read his books and I believe him to be a rational and somewhat moderate person. With bated breath, I eagerly await his choices for Secretary of State, Attorney General and Treasury Secretary. He picks Hilary for Secretary of State: competent and sane with proven leadership qualities, Bravo! He picks Eric Holder as Attorney General. He can only be described as a premature ________ waiting to happen. He is a man known for things he did not do rather than what he has done. He permitted Bill Clinton to pardon Mark Rich, but took no action against Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris or the Florida legislature as they added thousands of innocent voters to a felon’s list to steal their right to vote. For Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Obama chooses Tim Geithner, ex NY Fed chairman who failed to regulate the NY banks. I am so inspired; the Fox is now guarding the hen house. It is so comforting to know that Mr. Holder and Mr. Geithner will be available to protect the Bush/Cheney economic system. The University of Chicago, Milton Friedman and Gonzo the Goon are all still alive and well!

So now, the major banks are not nationalized, real money is not circulating. Bailouts are supplanting managed bankruptcies. We are patiently awaiting massive inflation. Hundreds of billions in absurd tax cuts are substituted for jobs and rebuilding of the infrastructure, while necessary tax cuts, i.e. capital gains and corporate incentives are disdained. The atrocities of the Bush Injustice Department, the political persecutions and Rovian corruption will be ignored as much as possible by our impotent Attorney General. Our unintelligence agencies will continue to have no accountability at all. There will continue to be two distinct legal systems, one for the aristocracy, the feudal lords, and one for the peons. “Investigation” will continue to be a fiction, used only to uncover oral sex and marital conversations or to send innocents to the “Gulag” or federal prison. The Cheneys, the Rumsfelds, the Karl Roves will run free. Wretches like William and Leura Canary, Alice Martin, Judge Fuller and Alabama pseudo-Governor Riley are not afraid to expose their ugly secrets, knowing they will go unpunished.

Hundreds of thousands of mentally and physically damaged soldiers will return from far flung parts of the world. Millions of American citizens will lose jobs, families, health and self respect. This has happened in places like France, Russia, China where millions of people, mostly innocent, were butchered in the process of overthrowing an oppressive aristocracy.

The challenge to President Obama is to again study the lessons of history. Does he listen to the insane likes of Paul Volker and the Wall Street and Banking Oligarchs? Does he take the advice of Tim Geithner but realize the man is no leader, nor is Eric Holder. They are very small men in huge positions. They are second choices, picked because their betters could not be approved by our own party. The Constitution itself demands investigation of the previous administration’s atrocities and obscene violations of the Constitution. It does not demand harsh punishment. It is President Obama’s choice to be an American or to be an Aristocrat- he cannot be both.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.