Perspective Part 3

March 27, 2008

Perspective is a guiding light, not a preordained magic bullet like “Capitalism,” “Socialism,” or even “Communism.” They all work, ironically, but only under the right circumstances and none of them on their own. They are all “concepts,” and like religious concepts, no one has the patent on the “ideal” economic system. This is a simple postulate, Mr. Cheney of the Free Market- Neoconservative ideocracy, Mr. Stalin of the Communist ideocracy, Mr. Hitler of the Fascist ideocracy, Reverend Benedict of the most remedial Catholic ideocracy, Mr. Ahmadinejad of the most remedial Muslim ideocracy and any other person who thinks his ideocracy is the only preordained form of psychosis. Human beings don’t fit into any ideocracy, they are too imperfect and subjective.

Studious, intelligent philosophers of the 17th Century like Hobbes and Locke (studied diligently by our Founding Fathers) realized that regulations are like “necessary inconveniences” (as opposed to “evils”). Agreed, the fewer the better, but we have to have some restrictions or eventually we’d be constantly killing and robbing each other as they did in the Old West or arbitrarily invading sovereign nations at the slightest provocation as they did in Europe for so many years. (Something our Neopsychotic administration would never do, of course.)

Since the unfortunate attack on US soil in 2001 by Saudi Arabian terrorists, the Cheney/Bush administration has, with help of the US Supreme Court and the media, eradicated free speech (1st Amendment) by tapping everyone’s phones and computers, systematically ignoring antitrust violations by drug companies, oil companies, laboratories and insurance companies among others. The administration has charitably donated hundreds of billions of our dollars to hungry military industrial giants, to huge campaign donors like Haliburton, Mobil Oil, Blackwater International, and other thousands of Carpetbaggers who have been graciously permitted to ransack and pillage the Iraqi economy and countryside. This administration has drained the social security fund and run up some $4 trillion extra in debt in an effort to prostitute themselves for their billionaire pimps. They have sacrificed only 4,000 American soldiers’ lives, so far, and who cares (apparently) how many thousands of Iraqis. They have virtually insured that we will no longer be a military superpower and are desperately trying to utterly decimate our economy.

The cold, hard reality for John McCain is that we can no longer afford Iraq. I, for one, love John McCain, but even his honor is not worth another $4 trillion hit on our country’s infrastructure and failing economy!

Hear me out Mr. Bush (“Junior”). You’ve frittered away 4 trillion dollars! Millions of diabetics, arthritics, victims of cancer and so many other killer diseases, have watched their research money (they do pay taxes, you hypocrite) go through the greedy, bloody fingers of those wonderful Cheney/Bush friends. They’ve seen their Social Security money go to these same companies. Thousands of soldiers will someday return from Iraq with no medical coverage for severe physical and mental illnesses, to no jobs and no support systems.

I ask you: How many people has Reverend Wright sent to their deaths for the sake of his rich friends? How many billions of dollars has he stolen from poor taxpayers? How many returning soldiers has he turned his back on??? How many draft deferments did he ask for? How many times was he arrested for drunken driving? How many lawyers did the Reverend Wright shoot while in a drunken stupor???

Allen Finkelstein D.O.