Where is Eric Holder?


Where is Eric Holder?  Selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels to exonerate munitions companies who are not foolish enough to sell directly to the cartels, defending police and prosecutors who framed innocent defendants for murder, covering up prosecutorial misconduct by his concubines in the Justice Department and defending drug companies for selling excessive amounts of narcotics to pill mills[1] must be keeping him very busy.  It simply has left him no time to investigate chronic bumbling criminal, Kathy Nicholas[2], Republican county clerk who overlooked 14,000 paper ballots which she took home with her to play with the night of the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election.  (Democrats in Wisconsin: Someone needs to follow her home tonight!)  This was, apparently, a trick she learned from Holder’s buddy Bill Pryor, Alabama Attorney General who used it to steal the gubernatorial election for his Republican buddy, Bob Riley in 2002[3].  And, that little episode in Ohio in which Holder’s other buddy, Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell managed to link election results to Swiftboaters in Tennessee, where they could massage the returns into a bogus victory for Junior Bush, why would he have time to review that case?[4]  Just because of the murder of poor IT expert, Mike Connell[5] whose expertise Blackwell and Rove had used to set the whole thing up is no reason, as Antonin Scalia would certainly agree, to have an investigation.  I mean, according to the learned Scalia, the value of factual “evidence” is highly overrated.


As for the scores of questionable political prosecutions of Democratic donors that Holder’s “Justice” Department has defended, most for “honest services fraud,” the only case I can remember being overturned is that of a Republican, Senator Ted Stevens.  Some might call this a coincidence as the “monumentally important” trial of John Edwards went on and on and on for similar “crimes” forgiven” only last year on behalf of multiple Republican “sinners,” after their tearful apologies.  And, what about Alabama Federal Procurer, Alice Martin who confronted with the fact that she was employing perjured testimony to convict Democratic contributor Alex Latifi, admitted that she didn’t care, but was not fired?  In fact, her Assistant U.S. Attorney, David Estes is reported to have commented that “We don’t care if Latifi is innocent, we just want to put him out of business!”[6]  It did cost Latifi and hundreds of employees their defense company and four million dollars, but don’t fret, after review, Holder’s “Justice Department” did award Latifi almost three hundred thousand dollars for the minor inconvenience of their slight case of prosecutorial misconduct.[7]  Meanwhile, under Holder, Bush holdovers Martin and Estes were left to continue the legacy of their former Justice Department, practicing the world’s oldest profession, simply under new management.

Seriously folks, this was no big deal for Holder whose deputy was busy recently, defending Iowa police and prosecutors for framing and trying to murder two innocent defendants.  Luckily, the two were given life sentences instead of the death penalty, so they could live long enough to file suit against prosecutors for violation of their civil rights.[8]  Meanwhile, at the same time, Holder’s buddy, Antonin Scalia was busy encouraging the Georgia Pardon and Parole Board to murder Troy Davis.[9]  A murder of an IT guy here, killing a few worthless, innocent African American defendants there, Holder has better things to do than preventing murder.  You see, fixing elections is far more exciting!  What’s more it’s addictive.  Why it was only twelve years ago that Holder’s law firm defended Junior Bush in the recount scandal,[10] the one in which the Supreme Court ruled that it was “OK” to violate the state law and avoid a state mandated recount because they had to hurry up and get a president elected by a certain time not, somehow, quite specified in the Constitution.  “Don’t worry!” the Court majority reassured the nation, “We will go beyond the call of duty and specify a time.”  “Hey Clarence, what time is it, anyway?”  “Half past one, Nino.”   “Half past one it is then; the recount is officially terminated at half past one for the good of the country!”  Obviously if the Court can’t afford the time or the expense of retrying a condemned prisoner they know is innocent, then why should they worry about a stupid presidential election.  It’s not like it’s a matter of life and death, is it.....? (Ask the families of more than 4,000 dead American servicemen and women and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis)

By the way, who was the acting Attorney General at the end of the Clinton Administration when Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, with the blessing of the Republican state legislature, conveniently and purposely transferred thousands of innocent, mostly African American voters to the rolls of similarly named felons?[11]  Is there some reason that Holder buddies, Harris and Bush were not arrested for purposely depriving these people of the right to vote?  It didn’t have anything to do with the millions of dollars Holder received from his law firm, the one representing President Bush in the infamous recount scandal, did it?  “What’s that you say, Eric?”   It’s not true?  Actually it was because your guys in Florida were too busy busy taking bribes from crooked medical laboratories, suborning perjury so they could get credit for nailing physicians for Medicare fraud?  The corporations pay much more than physicians, so you only protect “corporate” Medicare fraud? It doesn’t matter that corporate fraud represents twenty or thirty times as much as the physician’s contribution to the problem?[12]  After all, it’s not like it’s a matter of life and death...is it?  Well, Mr. Holder, they’re doing the same thing again in Florida, this time purging the voter rolls of war heroes and sixty year-long registered voters.  I fully expect you to do the same thing you did twelve years ago, what you usually do when voters need you, sit on Dick Cheney’s “throne,” read the funny papers and let the country go to hell!

The last presidential election was not close.  A referendum against Junior Bush, it resulted in a virtual landslide for the Democratic candidate.  In the previous two presidential elections, nip  and tuck affairs, the Republican, a much less qualified candidate than the current Republican was elected despite massive disparities between exit polls and published results.[13]  If President Obama is defeated, the consequences to this nation will be far more grave than they were under Junior and the playfulness of his fascist youth movement.  These guys have grown up and committed themselves in every Republican dominated state to the real thing: destruction of collective bargaining, co opting of all government functions by private companies, including schools, prisons, elections, the postal service, and, eventually, the armed forces.  With a Supreme Court nominated by their new lackey, Americans can look forward to privatized police forces, fire fighters, and “Stand Your Ground” vigilante groups, proudly clothed in brown shirts, carrying unlicensed automatic weapons for use against unwanted “hecklers” from such “dangerous” groups as “Occupy Wall Street” and the ever threatening League of Women Voters.  In fact, we can have private concentration camps for gays, lesbians, Mexicans, liberals and other unwelcome ethnic and political groups as soon as they can invent more crimes of which to accuse them.

Admit it, don’t you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that Attorney General Eric Holder and the Bush Justice Department are still around to safeguard the integrity of our presidential election?  Where is Eric Holder, anyway?

 Al Finkelstein,  5/19/12, posted 6/5/12


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