Bush Administration

Allen Finkelstein D. O.

Dec 6, 2006


The lack of understanding in the Bush Administration, its shallowness, has become legendary. How can we “export” democracy to a country like Iraq, while our president and the Republican Party are busy destroying our Constitution at home? How can one miss the tragic irony: Iraq can only survive by the creation of a divided theocracy- Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish states, united by the oil shared equitably among them. The current Iraqi government cannot function at this time; it was a severely flawed idea at its inception, born of a naïve idealism and lack of study. Its success is intimately dependent on the support of the various Islamic clerics that our president so deeply disrespects, while his shallow minded followers try to empower the clerics here, while trying to tear down our democracy.

To my way of thinking, the greatest miracles of the twentieth century were the appointments of Popes John the 23rd and John Paul the 2nd, turning the two thousand year burden of guilt of the Catholic Church into a magnificent instrument of freedom, while our president has tried to turn fundamental, reasonable, moral Christianity into a prehistoric and remedial fascist-like movement. It is no coincidence that Mr. Bush calls Moslem clerics “Islamic Fascists.” It is a typical right wing extremist ploy to accuse your adversary of the very same faults that plague your own members. They called John Kerry a “coward,” a description so admirably suited for draft dodgers Cheney and Bush 43. They sunk even lower, calling John McCain a “nigger lover,” clearly branding themselves bigots, although it was never made clear as to whether these Neanderthals meant it as an accusation or a compliment. Meanwhile, these same “ape-men” portrayed poor Harold Ford as being so desperate that he had to try to date a white harlot (clearly someone in his opponent’s family). All this is, of course, with the approval of the Republican National Committee.

In the 21st Century, we face problems really never faced or addressed before: the impending demise of oil as the reigning factor in all economic and political decisions. Oh “they” will continue to hang on to oil as long as possible, make as much money as possible, and delay any transition to other energy sources. Meanwhile, the “idea” is to transition as slowly and carefully as possible to insure that the same people can usurp ownership of any new sources of energy.

Meanwhile, the Bush Administration, so different from the Reagan Administration, thumbed its nose at Pope John Paul and his offer to help mediate peace in Iraq. Thus was the spiritual “Colossus,” whose giant footsteps destroyed Communism wherever he trod, the most respected of all living men (even by Muslim clerics!!!), rebuffed, apparently, by the least respected of all men.

Now we have heard from the “Baker Commission” or “Iraq Study Group,” describing all the things the Bush 43 Administration preschool classes forgot to cover for some mysterious reason that psychiatrists are still investigating. For some equally mysterious reason, the commission forgot to include a comprehensive energy policy in its suggestions on how to include Iraq’s neighbors in a “solution.” Why would these honorable patriots want to pressure Iran by cutting their oil profits in half? Why would they want to cut funding for terrorism in half? Most importantly, who would want to harm those poor innocent oil companies, wonderful and generous supporters of Republican and Democratic parties alike?

Allen Finkelstein D.O.