Send in the Clowns

October 10, 2007

Many far right wing Christians act toward the “Islamic fascists” just as the crazed and unthinking left wing fanatics act toward right wing Christians. The right wingers seem to feel that these “pinkos” are responsible for the dissolution of the moral fiber of our American society. The Islamic right wingers feel the same way about “our Christian society,” that they are responsible for the dissolution of the moral fiber and the social functioning of their society. The problem seems to be how enormously correct both groups are to a point.

Senators Kerry and Edwards, in their ridiculous defense of bogus, nonexistent elective partial birth abortions, proved that they too could champion ignorance and stupidity. Most people had thought that Mr. Bush had set a standard beyond reach. Not so America! No, these two illiterates managed to alienate even moderate Christians, Jews and Moslems and almost all moral human beings- something even Bush could not do. They did so through abject ignorance, though, not moral turpitude.

Meanwhile, it is definitely our U.S. “moral majority” Christian society that has totally f***ed the poorer Arab nations by putting fascist governments in places like Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Why shouldn’t these guys get a little hot under the collar?

Yesterday, I listened to part of the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate. Halfway through, I fell asleep. Luckily, I fell asleep before Fred Thompson did. How many times do I have to hear Mitt Romney bring up “Ronald Reagan?” Ronald Reagan, who with the help of Pope John Paul II defeated the might of the ½ billion Communists without firing a shot!!! (Of course he witnessed the Soviet Union destroy its whole economy by invading Afghanistan.) Mr. Bush, Mr. Romney’s hero, invaded a third world country with now 190,000+ troops, nearing a trillion dollars, and he is losing! I think Mr. Romney brings up the wrong Ronald- it should be Ronald McDonald and Clown Prince Bush of Washington.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.