Diagnosis: Neopsychosis

June 6, 2008

Most of my recent writing started out as “silly me” allowing myself to think out loud. Things started to get more serious when I tried so hard to make sense of Mr. Bush and his Neopsychotic policies. To my amazement, I found fully half of Bush’s Neopsychotic accomplices were actually Jewish.

To be a Neoconservative (an oxymoron already), you have to use fascist means to achieve your pseudodemocratic ends. To be a Neofascist or even act like one, you have to stop being a Jew. In fact, you have to stop being a Christian, don’t you? Neither religion officially endorses or condones fascism, but no other religion, as much as Judaism, has been so systematically exposed to extermination at the hands of fascists.

President Bush is supposedly a “Christian,” he is “born again,” a wonderful experience, not to be taken lightly, but he is a “Christian” only because he says he is, or because he, somehow, believes he is. His actions clearly belie this “fact.”

Most troubling, don’t think that the thinly veiled new religion of Neoconservatism (better called “Free Market Capitalism”) is a psychosis affecting only avid Republicans. It is the largest recruiter of “fellow travelers” since the advent of the Communist Party. (“Fellow travelers” were those people induced to help Communist causes without realizing they were doing so.)

President Clinton was a “near great” President, not because of the quality person he was, but because he was smart. I will give Mr. Bush the benefit of the doubt. Clearly he is naïve and irrational most of the time, but more than that, he is extremely lazy, seldom learning the issues for himself or reviewing his mistakes in order to improve them. Issues that he studies, like immigration, AIDS in Africa, and the Farm Bill show us a confident, articulate spokesman. Other issues change him into a bumbling, stuttering incompetent.

A closer look at Bill Clinton reveals an ardent, moderate Democrat, willing, however, to compromise, even the most democratic principles. Mr. Clinton and Bush, for instance, have taken the same Neoconservative stand on Russia, one preferring the taste of Yeltsin’s ample butt cheek, the other the more refined taste of Putin’s cheek. Both acted on behalf of the International Monetary Fund, the Temple of the Free Market Capitalists and the Neoconservative movement rather than the benefit of either the United States or Russia. Ronald Reagan abandoned the fate of both the Russians and the Poles to these same gluttonous villains.

Meanwhile, Mr. Clinton’s half-hearted attempts at an energy policy look heroic only when compared to Bush’s cold-blooded attempts to govern on behalf of the oil companies, his true constituents. Clinton was more the sleazy but smart politician, Bush an unabashed traitor to his country.

The Neoconservative, Free Market Capitalist illness, needs to be studied in depth in the next five months. I do not believe either John McCain or Barack Obama are Neopsychotics, but they are both in grave danger of being pulled into the role of the “Fellow Traveler.” The main source of danger lies in the unimaginable depth of ignorance and incompetence of both (Democratic and Republican) houses of Congress.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.