Above the Law II

December 2, 2008

The case of the Republican State of Alabama versus Don Siegelman, the rightful governor of that state, is the shining example of a subculture that lies above the law. Creatures like Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales, William and Leura Canary, “Governor” Bob Riley and “Judge” Mark Fuller have been allowed and encouraged by the Bush Administration to persecute and destroy a duly elected governor of Alabama… because he is a Democrat. The investigation into Karl Rove and the so called “Justice Department’s” role in Siegelman’s bogus conviction is the most important legal issue in the upcoming Obama Administration.

Unlike the necessity for investigating Cheney and Rumsfeld and even Junior Bish simply to reveal the depravity of their actions leading almost to the dissolution of our entire economy and our armed forces, what is needed in the legal system is “justice.” It must be thorough and as swift as possible. Punishment must be swift and just as well. Slaps on the wrists for political and administrative whores of the worst kind will eventually lead to “vigilante” justice. What we see in our millions of imprisoned “ex” citizens is the “tip of the iceberg.” It represents a huge phase of our society of all races disenfranchised and ignored by our so called “leaders,” who are clearly far above the law. Many of these “leaders” do not believe in any form of “right” and “wrong” at all.

In the end, as those disenfranchised masses grow, there will be no way for them to respect even legitimate leadership. Beyond Mr. Siegelman, the Republican Party in Alabama, in the middle of the night, changed thousands of votes, giving their prostitute, Bob Riley, a governorship he did not earn. They followed by sealing the votes so that they could not be reviewed by the impartial examiners- sounds like Hugo Chavez, doesn’t it?

My question: What happens, historically, when the elite slither higher and higher above the law and the common people slip lower and lower into a feudal system? I shudder to answer! Whatever you do, do not read the Old Testament. They knew how to handle false witnesses in those days.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.