The Inside Washington Coverup

August 14, 2007

As I plod through “Cobra II” and Rumsfeld’s Folly, as I see the sick saga of Dick Cheney continue to unfold, I cannot help but note the most serious psychological factors at play. I watched with horror Mr. Rumsfeld’s severe paranoia, withholding information from his own department and from the President’s Cabinet (except Cheney), his obsession with “outdoing” the Clinton administration and the Pentagon without allowing any outside information or facts intrude into his decisions. Did he, like Mr. Bush, actually hear the voice of God? My apology to certain religious fanatics, but in medicine, we call this delusional.

Mr. Cheney, with his misanthropic, secretive Vice Presidency, tried his damnedest to intimidate, first Colin Powell, then Condy Rice, into resigning over differences in policy. How better to undermine your government then to abolish discussion, research and opposing opinions? Of course it doesn’t hurt to undermine your intelligence agency and intimidate them as well.

Even a non-scholar like myself cannot help but note the similarity (admittedly, minus the far more gruesome evil) with Adolf Hitler’s coterie of misfits entering and ending World War II. While the intent, I believe, is different, the methods and techniques are, unfortunately, the same. And, much like Hitler’s Germany, scores of “good people” covered up the severe mental illnesses involving especially Misters Cheney and Rumsfeld. This is analogous to the many years in which drunk or otherwise impaired surgeons were routinely permitted to hack at their patients without being reported.

The fact that while such severely impaired psyches and their psychotic episodes are covered up by their colleagues and the Press, stupid, unimportant romantic and social missteps are blown up, virtually, into grounds for execution. We are witnessing a virtual Washington Inquisition. Instead of the Catholic Church, we have had Pope Bush and Cardinal Cheney getting their advice from the Grand Inquisitor, Father Carl Rove.

The Grand Inquisitor has retired, but the Church of Pope George Bush and Cardinal Cheney remains, and with it, all the psychotic manifestations of the original Inquisition.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.