The irony was thick and palpable last night as the Ferguson County Prosecutor, Bob McCullough began his long winded excuse for why he had intentionally misled the grand jury, at least the white majority, into their decision not to indict a brother “law enforcement” officer.  I am a long time opponent of the medieval grand jury system, a barbaric and biased concept designed to frame innocent victims, it has been abandoned by many countries, even Great Britain, the country from which the founding fathers foolishly borrowed it.  Thus the irony for me, is that as much as I detest the grand jury system, if we have to have it, it actually should be done more like it was done in the last three or four months, than the way it is almost always carried out.  As most of us understand it, the grand jury system is almost always a case of the prosecutor insuring that the suspect, guilty or innocent, is portrayed in the worst possible light.  Evidence is heaped upon the poor unsuspecting grand jury members, while biased, overpaid expert witnesses swear to the veracity of mostly unconfirmed findings.  Any confirmed evidence damaging to the prosecution is purposely omitted and the prosecutor “helps” the jury members by suggesting how they ought to vote.  It is very rare that information is presented to a grand jury and with it no instructions to the jury on how they should process information.  So what is the problem with this latest Ferguson grand jury process?

    The problem lies in the prosecutor’s propensity (much like the arrogant Antonin Scalia after a questionable, but accepted decision, explaining the bad logic used) for putting his large foot in his even larger mouth.  By lauding the fairness of his “unbiased” approach to these grand jury proceedings as “the only fair way” to do it, he is readily admitting that the vast majority of all of his previous “railroad jobs,” were clearly not fair!  As the Reverend Al Sharpton would say: “Gotcha!”

    The even greater irony followed at ten PM with President Obama’s inane comments, as usual, never mentioning the actual problems involved in the shooting of an unarmed eighteen year old by a badly trained excuse for a police officer.  The President’s glaring generalities regarding “people of color” are not even the main issue in this case.  In fact, despite The President and his uncle, “Tom Holder” running their mouths about the “justice” so conspicuously absent in their entire administration, they have done virtually nothing to enhance civil rights for anyone, let alone minorities since the 2008 election.  Holder, whining about how felons ought to be allowed to vote, was instrumental in disenfranchising literally thousands of African Americans in northern Florida in 2000.  As U.S. Attorney General, he stood by and watched Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris purposely shift thousands of innocent, mostly African American voters with the same names as felons onto the actual rolls of felons.  Paralyzed with the fear of losing his two million dollar salary, he permitted his own law firm’s most prominent client, George W. Bush, to steal the 2000 presidential election.  Unbelievably, in the 2010 presidential election, Obama and Holder’s response to Florida’s Governor Scott and his harebrained attorney general illegally and selectively removing eligible Democrats and minorities from the voter rolls within sixty days of a federal election, was a polite note asking them to stop.  They refused.   What was Holder’s counter?  It was the same as it was in 2000.  When action is to be taken, it’s apparently time for the Dynamic Duo to retire to the safety of the nearest restroom.

      Meanwhile, President Obama, the only man capable of choosing advisors almost as incompetent or as inappropriate as G.W. Bush and worse yet, taking their advice, has done absolutely  nothing to correct the politically motivated prosecutions and imprisonments of his predecessor’s kangaroo courts.  Even worse, he and his lackey, the ineffectual Eric Holder, never bothered to dismiss the perpetrators.  Just a few years ago Holder’s office defended guilty prosecutors and police in Iowa, claiming that they were immune from prosecution and federal action, even after they deliberately framed two innocent victims for murder.  Is anyone foolish enough to think that Mr. “Law and Order” Obama, so deathly afraid of confronting Republicans, will have the courage to chastise police and prosecutors for executing dangerous unarmed “demons” like Michael Brown?”  No, he’s more concerned about gaining votes for his colleagues so he can get larger, even more useless Democratic minorities in the House and Senate in 2016.

Al Finkelstein (Ofinky) 11/25/14