Dumb and Dumber

Sept 10, 2009

9/3/09              Dear Rays Diary:  What’s that movie called? “Dumb and Dumber.”  I can hear the conversation: “What’s your weakest pitch, J.P.?” asks his manager as he meets him on the pitcher’s mound.  “I’ve got a strong curve, slider and changeup, but my fastball is strictly mediocre, at best, Joe.” “Well, throw the fastball for the double play; he won’t hit is as hard as he did last time,” says Joe.  After the line drive base hit on the mediocre fastball, after the leading run is scored, J.P. thinks “why did he call a fast ball?”  His manager tells his next reliever to throw his mediocre fastball and after the ensuing homerun, the score is 4 to 1.”

            The good thing, of course, is that this all too common scenario can’t be blamed on the catcher or the pitching coach.  The manager will take the heat- he’s good about that.  The problem is that he will take it again and again and again.  Same decision, same result… “Hope you enjoyed the broadcast if not the outcome.”  By the way, always remember the well known Maddon/ Hickey battle cry: When in doubt, never throw your best pitch!


9/5/09              Dear Rays Diary:  Well, Wade Davis has come up, finally, to the Majors and, like Jeff Nieman, has been rewarded with free tickets to the movie “Dumb and Dumber.”  He had the privilege of watching the Maddon/Hickey theory of relief pitching in action.  For the second year in a row, pitching six relievers every game for a whole season has left the poor Rays’ bullpen full of tired arms.

            Last year, in the playoffs, the only live arm left in the bullpen belonged to David Price.  Maddon, reluctant to admit this, tried not to use his rookie and almost lost the playoff series to Boston.  He managed to lose to the Phillies, as well, with the only effective relief arm in his rookie, Price.  Even then, of course, he waited too long to put him in.

            Sorry, Andrew (Friedman), as much as you’ve avoided dealing with your manager and pitching coach, your job is to have a little talk with them.  Otherwise, you will be in the familiar position of Rich McKay, afraid to confront Tony Dungy (otherwise brilliant head coach) about his chronic mismanagement of his offense.

            There is no reason to have to fire either Maddon or Hickey, but if they are permitted to manage and coach like two infants playing “pachee-pachee” with their “ka-ka” (a nice Jewish boy, you know what that means), by next year, they will be gone, won’t they?  Mr. Friedman, it’s time to take some responsibility.  Talk now or fire later!

            By the way, you may have to get some medical help for poor Kevin Kennedy.  Sooner or later, he will choke to death trying to make excuses for Joe Maddon and Jim Hickey.  I truly admire the man’s fortitude!


9/6/09              Dear Rays Diary: Ditto!

9/7/09              Dear Rays Diary: Ditto!

9/8/09              Dear Rays Diary: Ditto!

9/9/09              Dear Rays Diary: Ditto!


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.

“Never Say Die” Rays Fan