Republicans Are Mostly Human Too

November 20, 2008

Hannity- a cute, pleasant guy with a great head of hair, not a deep thinker. When engaged with his adversary, does not usually argue “ad hominem.” When he does, I just turn him off.

O’Reilly- a disappointment only when he is not expressing his own opinion. One can always tell when he is really serious and not parroting the “party line.” He becomes a “different cat,” so to speak, coldly logical and will defend “the other side” if the issue is important enough to him.

Rush Limbaugh- a bag of wind- almost never gives his own opinion. No one that intelligent can sound that stupid virtually all of the time. Unlike O’Reilly, with Rush, the politics never stop. There is no honesty whatsoever, only phony partisanship when he talks politics. I’m surprised he can catch his breath. I actually enjoy him when he talks sports, so he can’t be all bad.

Glenn Beck- a sincere man. Yes, he gets carried away, sometimes, but he listens and sometimes changes his position because he doesn’t like to “miss” anything. Oh, I disagree with him sometimes, but I always seem to see his point.

Condy Rice- I cannot tell you how much I admire this woman. As a person, she is a role model for every American, female or male. One can see, immediately, that she is an educator at heart. She is so intelligent but she has been drawn outside of her field and finally, after years of “nursing,” has grown into a pretty crafty and skilled Secretary of State. Her problem: she is a teacher. As a member of the helping profession, like myself, she has often been the victim of the dependent associate or “patient.” George Bush is the perfect example. His many charming traits, masking his destructive personality and dreadful inadequacies, have managed to drag down hundreds of his “codependents” over his disastrous career. Obviously “a nice fellow,” he has, nonetheless, never admitted fault or responsibility for anything. This is not denial. This is a form of social pathology. His two most famous and beloved codependents: Condyleeza Rice and Colin Powell.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.