A Few Issues of Interest to Consider…

August 16, 2007

1) The Draft

No draft. The military draft is justified only for defense of the country, not for overthrowing sovereign nations after a delusional President hears the voice of God. Anyone that is drafted and tells the government to f--- off has the right (despite a possible mindless decision by five lackeys on the Supreme Soviet, ah…, PseudoCourt to the contrary) to demand an investigation into both the reason and sanity involved in our attack on another country.

2) The President is clearly a disgrace to evangelical Christianity. His delusions of grandeur, thinking that God picked him to talk to, rather than the majority of Christians (most of whom seem to believe he is a grandiose fool), is certainly presumptuous. The President’s “crusade” against Islam rather than terrorism, his disrespect for non-Christian nations, his refusal to help establish Palestine so he can save Jerusalem for his Messiah, are all unconscionable. His penchant for appointing moral deviants and misanthropes like Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld and incompetent ass-lickers like Tommy Franks and Paul Bremmer has virtually crippled this country which now has Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates as our only “dependable” allies.

3) Our children’s future is mortgaged to China! Mr. Bush has managed to elevate the Military Industrial Complex to the number two governmental power in the world second only to his oil companies.

4) Mr. Rove seems to have spent a mere 32 million dollars to buy out Mr. Kerry’s Campaign managers (with some 50 million dollars in campaign funds left over per Terry McAuliffe but only 18 million dollars accounted for). Did Rove, too, get this idea from God??

5) Where are the self-righteous Christians now??? Curiously silent- haven’t any of them heard from God about how to settle our war in Iraq? Is your God-forsaken GOP more important than the country or all of its people?? Of course!! And, Democratic Christians, where the heck are you??? Doing what Christians mostly do: keeping quiet while their leaders murder people for no reason at all- good work Harry Reid! Good work Ms. Pelosi!!! Whatever you do, don’t tie funds for the troops to the implementation of the Iraq Study Group suggestions. Mr. Bush might actually agree!! Where would that leave your worthless party in the next election???

6) I remember the story of the horse who, with a bucket of oats on either side of him, could not choose from which to eat. In the end, the horse died. I would like to call on Jesus to resurrect the horse and ask him who is the bigger fool: George W. Bush, John Kerry or Harry Reid? No doubt, the poor horse would promptly drop dead again!

To be continued…

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.