Kiss My Flag

August 12, 2008

While I understand, as many do not, that commitment to public service, for whatever reason, entails sacrifice and dedication, there comes a time when a public “servant” causes far more damage to his constituents than good. There comes a time when society simply cannot afford certain of these men and women. When politicians become deadly parasites or when they are so incompetent that they cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, whether by direct actions or by catering to the whims of their compatriots, they must be removed!

When public officials flaunt this duplicity, they must be exposed. When they abuse their power and sacrifice their citizens’ lives, they cannot be considered above the law. They cannot be permitted to brainwash students, subverting education and freethinking with religious and political propaganda. Students are not Pavlovian subjects to be molded into fascists or fellow travelers.

When I was in college forty some years ago, I studied under a wonderful and talented Professor of humanities. He was a refugee from Belgium who had escaped Hitler’s persecution at the outset of World War II. He had become a patriotic American, a champion of freedom and creativity. He would not, however, salute the flag. In Belgium, for fear of their lives, people would salute the Nazi flag with its Swastika. People were beaten and some killed for not saluting a piece of cloth.

How, then, after a pompous ass had failed so miserably in protecting some 2500 of his citizens from so obvious an attack as 9/11, could so many people, Congressmen, Senators, mindless news media, follow the man to their spiritual, moral and intellectual deaths? How can destruction of the Constitution, freedom of speech, privacy, habeas corpus and basic human rights, make up for the gross incompetence of this creature? How does saluting a flag, a piece of cloth, make up for falsifying intelligence information and subverting both the CIA and FBI? How does it make up for using US government Anthrax Powder and blaming it on Saddam Hussein? How does it make up for phony WMD’s or links between Al Qaeda and its most mortal enemy- Saddam Hussein? How does it make up for all those dead soldiers and their families who thought they were going to war to protect our country or at least our oil interests, not Haliburton, Exxon Mobil and 200,000 carpetbaggers in Iraq? How does it make up for phenomenal incompetence in subverting FEMA and the ensuing Katrina Fiasco? How does it make up for 7 ½ years of deliberately funding Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorists by refusing to implement a meaningful comprehensive energy policy? No alternative fuels, no automobile fuel economy standards, not even using our own oil, no regulation of speculators, no control of incentives for the oil cartel, and how do we make up for lack of an energy policy? We drill in Alaska and off our coasts, but not in the super rich oil interior of our nation where the easily accessible wells are capped!

Democrats and Republicans, “public servants,” all are afraid to do what is necessary. When faced with cancer, they are deathly afraid to cut it out. Instead, they are frozen in a state of denial. They salute the flag, they wait and wet their pants.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.