Absence of Protection: The 13½th Amendment

September 25, 2009

I have advanced the notion, which I feel is ironclad, that it is, by default, unconstitutional to have nine lawyers, at once, on the U.S. Supreme Court.  There are scores and scores of cases before this tribunal that entail conflict of interest with attorneys.  Nine judges would be and actually are required to recuse themselves, but not one of them does so.  This contention does not even take into account the fact that, while ignorance of the law is, famously, not an excuse for a lay person, it is acceptable for attorneys.

Furthermore, while the Bar Association and the Supreme Court agree that neither group knows what the 14th Amendment means by “due process,” both groups also pretend to be ignorant of the relatively simple term “equal protection.”  Thus the Supreme Court, time after time, refuses to consider cases of violation of “equal protection” by claiming ignorance of the meaning of “due process.”

A typical example of this is the unconstitutional Billy Tausen/ Pharma authored “Part D” of Medicare.  The Republicans purposely put into their bill, a clause forbidding the use of the 45 million Medicare recipients in negotiating fair drug prices.  While the VA and various groups and entities in the government are allowed this right, the seniors of the U.S. are denied this equal opportunity.  They are clearly not protected under the 14th Amendment.  The Democrats, equally dishonest, did not include competitive bidding in their Medicare legislation, but were careful not to expressly forbid it.  Hence, six years of stonewalling to prevent fair competition in the purchase of Medicare durable goods, oxygen and laboratory tests.

Every year for six years at least 50-60 billion dollars in deliberate overpayments by Medicare have been gifted to lobbying companies receiving anywhere from 3-5 times retail prices courtesy of a money hungry Republican and Democratic Congress almost totally without conscience.  Since the addition of Part D, all told more than 80 billion dollars in overpayments have been gleefully donated to these lobbying vultures each year.  Worse yet, under the auspices of child-king Junior Bush and his evil viziers, Cheney and Rumsfeld, over a trillion dollars has been looted from the Social Security Fund to pay for useless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  All of this money was stolen from Senior Citizens illegally, unconstitutionally stolen, virtually without protest from any Senior Citizens’ group!

Where are the protests?  Where are the Seniors?

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.