Off The Top of My Head

May 2, 2007

As I listen to George Tenet lie about his “doubts” regarding the War in Iraq (knowing “for sure” is not “doubt”), it is really naïve to think that Colin Powell did not know that it was impossible for Saddam Hussein to attack us with an Atomic Bomb (it’s hard to transport a bomb as large as a small house some ten thousand miles without attracting at least an iota of attention). Powell lied. We all know “Saddam’s” anthrax powder came from our own labs- the government finally admitted that some WASP apparently “stole it” and, of course, sold it to Saddam. Whoever that was- he’s still working there!

How many Arab Nationals did you talk to Mr. Tenet, Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Powell, Ms. Rice, Mr. Biden, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. “Foreign Relations Committee” Durbin, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Edwards, just to name a few? The question for each is “why did you not do your own homework??” Was the assignment not important enough?

I cannot tell you how hard I argued against the War in Iraq. With my quite limited access to classified and expensive information, I read. Unlike Durbin, Wolfowitz, Lieberman… First, I read the Jewish Newspapers- at the time they constantly criticized Mr. Sharon for two things: encouraging terrorism by bullying his way through Jerusalem and lying about WMD in Iraq. They repeatedly insisted that Iran was the terrorist threat, the WMD threat, the foremost threat in the Middle East.

Next, I questioned friends from a host of Arab countries (yes, though I am a “nice Jewish boy,” apparently I have far more Arab acquaintances than does the White House or maybe I just believe in Diplomatic Relations- a pretty good way to find out information). Every Arab person that I talked to- Egyptian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Iranian… they all paraphrased George Bush Senior’s- do not overthrow Hussein by force- he is the balance between Sunni and Shia- without him, the entire Middle East will be radicalized and thrown into Civil War- and it will be our responsibility.

I feel that the CIA knew that it was totally foolhardy to attack Iraq, that President Cheney and Assistant George Bush knew very well that Saddam was no threat to us at all. Worse yet, much worse, is the feigned stupidity exhibited by all those Congressman and Senators who voted for the war. The Republicans have a right to hide behind their Fuhrers. They have every right to hide behind their leaders. Democrats have no excuse. If they really believed these bellicose lying little (very little) cowards, they ought to resign either for non compos mentis reasons or for persistent failure to do their homework or more likely for total lack of patriotism when it really counted.

I cannot reiterate strongly enough my natural objection to any Democrat who voted for the Iraq war being elected as President. Why are these people allowed to blame their grossly ignorant or dishonest vote on George Bush or Dick Cheney?? If you want my vote, admit you didn’t do your homework, otherwise, you’ll do the same thing again and again and again.

And now, the much larger failure. The failure of the Press! Most of my favorite newspeople, Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Tim Russert, Thomas Friedman and hosts of others- did not do their homework. Talk to an Arab, any Arab, find out what the hell is going on- instead, all they did is talk to each other. Shame on You!!! I love you guys still, but Shame on You!!! You’re still not doing your homework!

The Press owes us, the American People- Do your homework. Find out the truth and get these people in the White House impeached. What are you afraid of? Please stand up and be counted for a change!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.