Abortion of the Fringe

January 30, 2008

Let’s do all of the Presidential Candidates, Democrat and Republican, and our own country a great favor. At the next Democratic debate, let us ask each candidate if he or she would permit a woman to have an elective abortion at 7 or 8 months because she had a “bad hair day?” Similarly, let us ask each Republican candidate whether he would permit a woman to have an abortion to save her own life?

I would assume that all Democrats (Kerry’s not running) would answer “no” to their question, all Republicans “yes” to theirs. This would effectively alienate some 2-3% of Democratic “supporters” and Republican “supporters,” most of whom suffer from either insanity, brain trauma, substance abuse or pseudoreligion. These people would no longer support either party and absent these miscreants who have no respect for each other and cannot deal with the abortion issue, could now be forgotten.

This would bring both rational sides closer together on an issue dominated, personally, by fringe elements who, unfortunately, were represented by Misters Kerry and Bush: ½ witted confrontationalists representing the lowest level of literacy, if not intelligence, in the history of American Presidential politics. Now they could discuss the real issues: First term elective abortion, intentional emancipation by minors by use of pregnancy, mandatory (necessary) counseling and murdering of mothers by forbiddance of necessary partial birth delivery of hydrocephalic fetuses.

Allen Finkelstein D.O.