I Accuse

When is enough finally enough?  Harry Reid finally accuses the Koch brothers of trying to buy his fellow senators.  Of course, being a typical Democrat, reared properly by good parents, his skin toughened by unfair criticism by both loudmouth Republicans and loudmouth Democrats like myself, Mr. Reid doesn’t know how to be properly obnoxious.  The more appropriate terminology is: “If the Koch Brothers think they can buy off the Senate as easily as they bought off the Supreme Court, they have another thing coming.  It takes more than a few paid vacations and 700,000 dollars in lobbyist fees to the wife of a feeble minded, unqualified has-been attorney (sorry for the oxymoronic terms) to pay off senators!  In fact, no amount of bribery, not even billions, can in itself get your fascist agenda passed.  To do that, you’ll have to have help from my party!  To do that, you’ll have to keep people from voting, but don’t worry. You won’t have to do it yourselves, because our party is perfectly willing to help you!”

Yes indeed, the venerable, well meaning Party of Abject Stupidity almost always seems to help the not so venerable, not so well meaning Party of Abject Evil.  The cowardly “Stupidity” Party, “run” (actually “mismanaged”) by the equally cowardly American Bar Association, is so afraid of upsetting the Koch Brothers’ personal Supreme Court, that somehow, they don’t consider the 700,000 dollars received by “Justice” Clarence Thomas from his radical buddies to help him with his unconstitutional decisions as a “bribe.”  Apparently, they must consider it, like various other political donations, as some sort of “expression of opinion.”  As long as it is paid through a political action committee to his wife, I guess the august attorney’s fraternity feels that it’s alright to pay judges to “remind” them just exactly what their opinion really is.  No reason to disbar or even censure a fellow criminal, ah... sorry, attorney over semantics.

For the hundredth time or so, I would point out to any attorney brave enough to read through this article, that in simple layman’s terms, if any sort of political donation is protected by the first amendment as the expression of an opinion, then voting must also be protected by the same first amendment!!!!!!  Even the august Bar Association, various mentally ill and sociopathic as well as some of the more somnolent Supreme Court Justices would have to admit this!  Why haven’t the President and his shiftless attorney general brought this fact to the attention of various legislators so eager to deprive citizens of the Constitutional right to express themselves at the polls?  In fact, according to the first amendment, Congress is not allowed to pass any law which abridges freedom of speech.  If voting is an expression of opinion (certainly more legitimate than blatantly bribing a public official), then any attempt to make it more difficult to vote has to be considered as “abridging freedom of speech,” which is a clear violation of civil rights and a federal crime if done on purpose.

Assuming that President Obama is still a Constitutional lawyer, why have he and his dubious choice of attorney general, Eric Holder, not treated these crimes more seriously than a polite letter to Florida’s Governor Scott and his vacuous henchwoman Pam Bondi to “please” stop illegally purging innocent people from the Florida voter rolls?  Why, in fact, did the President and the ineffectual Holder not follow up after Scott and Bondi arrogantly disposed of the letter and continued to purge innocent voters within the forbidden sixty days of a federal election?  It would seem that this president is afraid to anger Republican extremists, while his lackluster attorney general has gone out of his way to placate them, just as he did in the 2000 presidential election when he helped his own law firm to complete the illegal election of Junior Bush.

Good for you, Harry Reid, and Good Luck!  However, I’m afraid that you’re just too nice a guy to pull this off and keep the Kochs from purchasing the House and Senate without the reluctant assistance from some of the more morally and intellectually challenged legal minds in our own party.

Allen Finkelstein, (O’Finky) 3/13/14