Playing “20 Questions” With Jon Gruden

Jan 16, 2007

1) Why did you give Ian Gold’s contract to Charlie Garner?

2) Why did John Lynch leave the team without a physical?

3) What did you say to Joe Jurevicious to cause him to quit the team?

4) What did you say to Kenan McCardel to cause him to quit the team?

5) What did you say to Thomas Jones to cause him to quit the team?

6) What do you have against Ernest Graham?

7) What do you have against Monte Kiffin (one defensive draft choice in 4 years)?

8) What do you have against a pass rush (drafting a toy car instead of Shawn Merriman)?

9) Why didn’t you trade down, draft Merriman and use the subsequent extra second round draft pick for one of the multiple running backs to replace the unappreciated Thomas Jones?

10) Does Bruce Allen have any input into player personnel choices and philosophy or anything except Capology?

11) Who do you think knows less about football talent, Rich McKay or Bruce Allen? (You can pass on this, it may be too close to call.)

12) Do you know how to use the Shotgun?

13) Who creates mismatches? You or God, or does one of you “identify” them?

14) Do you try to “set up” plays or do you just look for a chance to fit them in?

15) Do you think it is fair to the team that you are the head coach, offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, and acting general manager all at the same time?

16) Do you think that your wearing so many hats contributes to the appearance of such a poorly coached offense or is it just a lack of sufficient talent?

17) Are you aware of the fact that in both of your winning seasons that we had the number one defense in the league and one of the worst offenses?

18) Do you think that the team would be better off with the league’s best offense and the worse defense?

19) Is this your goal for next year?

20) Do you feel that criticizing a head coach can be considered child abuse? If so, you have my apologies.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.