Cultivating Stupidity: Part II

April 10, 2007

In a more serious vein, I have to say that I’ve never really taken the idea of Good (i.e. “God”) vs. Evil (the power of evil: the Devil) seriously. It makes you wonder, however, how “good people” like Misters Wolfowitz, Mehlman, Kristol, Fund, to name only a few, can be seduced into embracing Neofascism. If, perhaps, the greatest achievement of the last thousand years has been the creation of our Constitution, brilliant as it is, how much more brilliant is the “anti-Christ”ian attempt to destroy it?

Under the guise of “Neoconservativism,” Satan seems to have convinced “good people” to “bug” all phones in the United States, to permit the government open access to all phone records, computer records and bank records. These are the same people who refused the FBI permission to “bug” the phones of known Al Qaida agents before 9-11. They are the very same people who are not willing to create any meaningful energy policies, thereby making our country, by far, the largest financial contributor to world terrorism. Sure seems like the work of an AntiChrist…

Meanwhile, as a Jew, I am completely mystified by the advent of the most psychotic of all recent phenomena: the Neofascist Jew. Why would any sane Jewish person want to violate the Constitution and to destroy, perhaps, the only thing in the entire world protecting us from annihilation??? With every country in the world, save the U.S. and Israel, reporting more anti-Semitism than ever before… Do they remember the Concentration Camps, the Crematoria, the cries of the Remedials: “Kill the Christ killers?” Do they want to put their faith in a Remedial Christian (AntiChrist) who blames his “mistakes” on advice straight from “God?”

And so, the questions remain: Is “Satan” really just a Remedial’s conept or is he being blamed for the actual effects of the Herpetis stupidus viral epidemic??? Are Neoconservatives really unwitting agents of Satan or victims of their own dangerous human fertilizer experiments? Most importantly, is there any possibility, in the near future, of a vaccine to prevent victims from the ravages of abject stupidity?? And, will it work on those poor highly advanced cases like that of our King George?

Allen Finkelstein D.O. ©2007