IV.  There is No Justice in the Justice System

May 14, 2009


The problem with not investigating and in some way setting punishment is grievous indeed! Historically, what is the fate of societies with two sets of laws, one for peons and one for the artistocrats? In France, it was the Guillotine. In Russia, it was an unconscionable blood bath with no rules or reason at all.


In this country, we had an unduly elected administration that totally failed to protect its homeland from a predictable attack, one whose signals it chose to ignore. It proceeded to use the opportunity to start wars in Afghanistan where the Russians had gone bankrupt before and in Iraq where the administration oligarchs could make billions of dollars for themselves. The same incompetent thieves were very competent at tearing down the Constitution, deregulating the entire “Free Money Market” for their Oligarch friends and in destroying the entire economic framework of the free world.


To do this they sent out hundreds of thousands of soldiers without proper planning, proper armor or weapons. They denied them proper medical coverage once back in this country. They sub-contracted military functions to civilians at ten times the cost, gave billions of dollars to companies like Halliburton and Exxon Mobil to not produce saleable oil. They failed to buy anti-missile devices for tanks from Israel instead to subsidize Raytheon who has yet to deliver those same weapons. That is, these people are directly responsible for numerous soldiers’ deaths in tanks without proper armor and available antimissile devices.


What would you suggest an injured tank commander with half a dozen dead comrades do? Ask Mr. Holder to interrupt his cocktail party to investigate the “mistake?” If Mr. Holder is reluctant to investigate “open and shut” cases like Siegelman and Minor, what makes you think he would have the guts to investigate Capital Crimes?? What makes you think he would investigate the possible murder of Mr. Connel, the IT expert scheduled to testify against the people, maybe even Karl Rove in the election fraud in Ohio in 2004? Or, why would he investigate other attempted murders or arson involved in Jill Simpson’s testimony against Rove.?


Let’s just wait for 100,000 or so soldiers, many maimed and crippled by physical injuries and others by PTSD- you know, the disease the Republicans equate with the same status as their respect for global warming. How do we explain to them that there is no justice system for them. Their job is to supplicate the Oligarchs, the aristocracy and there is nothing in the entire corrupt and decrepit, so called legal system, for them. While they suffer, deceived into risking their lives to defend the wealth of the Oligarchs, thinking it was to “save their country,” they return home to be further abused by these same monsters.


These “monsters” are, supposedly, out of office, but are they? The same creatures have convinced and cajoled Mr. Obama into appointing 2nd raters like Geithner and Holder, and to ask advice from one of the worst of their kind, in fact, like Paul Volker. His reward for nearly destroying the world economy in the 70’s and 80’s: he’s allowed to participate in the largest theft of taxpayer money in the history of mankind. No, our feudal system has no justice, no heroes, no attorney general and utterly no perspective.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.