June 22, 2010

One of the undeserved consequences of political correctness is the virtual demise of the word "retarded."  Democrats and Republicans alike are forbidden by a clearly retarded public to use appropriate descriptions of their parties' actions.  Ostensibly, this restriction serves only to encourage further retardation of any progress by either party.  Mentally deficient or "challenged" individuals need not fear.  Anyone who strives to achieve his or her potential or even to surpass that supposed goal can hardly be called "retarded."

No, the concept should be reserved for entities that literally represent "retardation" of society, whether it be in the areas of education, health/medicine, scientific research, law, justice, economics, protection of the environment or world peace.  Retarded religious fanatics of all faiths undermine any "truths" that threaten their ability to hurl their beliefs back into the Dark Ages.  They continue to justify killing in the name of their infantile and yes, "retarded" deities.  They wish to impose their special beliefs, both rational and ethical as well as superstitious and unethical on everyone.  Their beliefs are beyond discussion, beyond modification, frozen in time.

The god who supposedly told Abraham to murder his son in tribute, who in a rage, almost killed the Israelites in the desert, who permitted Satan to kill Job's family to win a bet would never have progressed into the god of love and forgiveness envisioned by Rabbi Hillel and followers like John the Baptizer and his cousin Jesus.  Nor, would such a god have regressed to the vengeful murderous letch of "retarded" pseudo-Christians and pseudo-Muslims of most of the past two millennia.  Even some pseudo-religious Jews have recently returned to the angry child-god of the religion's infancy.

In the political realm, in eight miserable years, a truly "retarded religionist" fanatic claimed to speak to his equally "retarded god," justifying the appointment of scores of incompetent, Christian law school graduates to the beleaguered Justice Department.  The only requirement for appointment, according to Congressional testimony: be a good Republican and a good Christian.  In other words, be willing to prostitute your soul for the good of your president's perverted idea of "god."  What followed, of course, were scores of political prosecutions, fixed elections and subversion of virtually every government agency to the point of abject incompetence.  "Retarded" can't even begin to describe the administration that eagerly ignored and allowed the 9/11 attack, singlehandedly destroyed th Social Security Fund, deliberately subverted the CIA and the National Security Agency as well as FEMA and plunged the economy into its second major depression!

Unfortunately, "retardation" is not restricted to Republicans alone.  For each Sarah Palin or Barbara Bachmann, we can find a well meaning, but foolish Terry McAuliff or an ultra liberal John Kerry or John Edwards "retarding" progress by trying to move too fast.  "Uncle Tom" Holder and assistant Elena Kagan, by refusing to acknowledge the political corruption in "their" Justice Department, are equally as guilty as Republican prostitutes Alberto Gonzales and Michael Mukasey.  Whatever warped sense of political benefit they see in ignoring the Siegelman and Minor cases or in quashing Congressional hearings, cannot hide the fact that they are seriously "retarding" and obstructing justice.  The fact that these two brilliant attorneys take absolutely no pride in their profession or their appointments only stresses my contention: "retardation" has very little to do with intelligence, but is all about the desire to progress.  Please confirm Ms. Kagan to the Supreme Court; at least it will get her out of the Justice Department into a position in which it is legal to obstruct justice.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.