The Neo-Businessmen

April 13, 2009

It’s almost funny how every serious act of terror or piracy seems to lead, eventually, to the military industrial complex that so worried President Eisenhower. The neoconservative movement, basically an idealistic movement of nonfascist Jewish ex-Communists away from the violence and dictatorial control of Lenin and Stalin, has become, itself, the problem. The utter “freedom” of the marketplace has been achieved, by and large, by depriving the average citizen of almost every freedom he might have enjoyed in the past.

The U.S. newspapers and TV media are politically censored- the truth hidden and manipulated to suit the owners of the media, our phones and computers tapped, our bank accounts invaded. Our courts have been subverted and our laws ignored, even changed illegally. We have no control over the expenditure of our tax money. Social Security taxes are spent in Iraq on phony military contracts. Secretary Paulson bails out his own company, Goldman Sachs, at the expense of both the taxpayers and his competitors. He saves his own 600,000,000 dollar fortune. Cheney extends billions in No-Bid contracts for his own company in Iraq. The Neocons managed to destroy virtually all regulations of their enterprises, from banking to insurance to housing to the virtual dissolution of the Securities and Exchange Commission. They subverted even FEMA at the cost of American lives to make a fortune out of that disaster. Their puppet lobby, the NRA, fosters worldwide massive automatic, assault and tactical weapons sales at an enormous profit with no regard to human life.

The Neocon/ “Free Money” system supports those same people supplying weapons and munitions to drug cartels in Mexico, South America and Afghanistan, and even the pirates who recently kidnapped American naval personnel. The control of terrorism starts with the control of these “businessmen.” What will they say if far flung business interests of men like Cheney and Rumsfeld are linked eventually to arms sales to terrorists?

However wittingly or unwittingly, it is impossible to imagine that their companies do not, somehow, arm these people. Why are these companies permitted and actually encouraged to produce more weapons than are needed to supply ten times the number of all soldiers in the entire world?

Ensuring world security means curtailing the massive production of advanced weaponry. It means curtailing the sales, and if need be, destroying munitions sources. We have a new set of “businessmen.” These are people who take no responsibility for anything they do. It is their “birth right.” They do not have to pay for anything. Other people pay for their lunch. Other people pay their taxes, other people send their children to fight their wars, and other people pay for their crimes.

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.