Donald Trump: Neo Republican Presidential Pretender

April 29, 2011

Sitting back and watching Donald Trump was amusing at first.  Seeing the long time Democrat, the same man who had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic causes and candidates masquerade as a “neo” Republican presidential pretender was at once shocking and perplexing.  After witnessing confused Republicans taking the man seriously, however, things began to gradually make sense.  I must admit, I have never particularly admired or appreciated Trump or his television program, but I have agreed with most of his liberal political views in the past.  Now, I see a disgruntled liberal who seems to be extremely disgusted with the here-to-fore weak willed president whom he actually voted for and supported.  Trump has previously supported restoration of reasonable tax rates, action against criminal banking and Wall Street activities and has advocated liberal social policies.  Meanwhile, except for a horribly botched attempt at healthcare reform, the current administration’s policies are almost the same as Junior’s’

I seriously doubt that despite his obviously deep seated criticism of some of Mr. Obama’s clearly incompetent and dishonest appointees such as the bumbling coward, Tim Geithner one of the chief architects of the banking crisis and the treacherous Attorney General Eric “Uncle Tom” Holder, that Trump could find even one legitimate issue that he holds in common with Republicans!  In fact, he chose the least important, but most emotional issue he could to become accepted by both weak minded Republicans and an all too easily influenced press: the birther conspiracy.

As usual, many of my “abjectly stupid”[1] Democratic colleagues will ignore some of the more salient issues involved in Mr. Trump’s diatribe.  Clearly, much as amateurish Tea Partiers seem to be venting their frustrations, Donald Trump is angrily venting his to the only audience that he has: Republicans!  Today, purposely using as much profanity as he could muster, he attacked his president for failing to stand up to speculators and, essentially, to oil companies for unconscionable hikes in gasoline prices.  His president can’t go after oil companies for violating the deal they made to receive tax breaks for energy research.  Even though they took the tax breaks and didn’t spend the money on research, “UncleTom” Holder and his Injustice Department will never, ever, go after them or any other of his friends from the Junior Bush administration.  He has proven this time and time again, has he not?

As for his “amoral” statement regarding our starting wars and then leaving with thousands dead and nothig accomplished, without stealing any oil, what the hell are the moronic Republicans cheering about?  He’s referring to the seriously mentally incapacitated George Junior Bush, not the much more mildly confused Barack Obama.  Meanwhile, if the naive Junior Bush had gone into Iraq for the oil, how many of our patriotic countrymen of both parties would have been complaining now?  What’s more, isn’t that what we will soon be doing in Afghanistan after we waste a few more hundred billion dollars in that G-d forsaken wilderness, leaving without accomplishing anything?

My suggestion is not to take Donald Trump’s pseudo Republican presidential aspirations seriously, but except for the “birther” pseudo issue, to pay some attention to his complaints.  Most of them, like those of the legitimate Tea Party members are worth examining.  The fact that they do not have satisfactory solutions to these problems is not a crime!  Neither “abjectly evil”[2] Republican leaders nor our “abjectly stupid” Democratic leaders seem to have solutions either, for that matter.


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.

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