In The Interest of Oil: Part I

June 10, 2008

I disagree with George Will when he says that the McCain-Obama election is a Classic American Election. He states this because, as he points out, the confrontation represents the “classic” Republican concept of privatization and free enterprise vs. the more socialistic Democratic idea of sharing or dividing the wealth. The concepts are classical, but the contest is not.

Just as John Fund of the Wall Street Journal tried to trivialize Vice President Cheney’s subversion of our Central Intelligence Agency as childish “infighting,” Mr. Will is trivializing the “classic” issues of this election. The great irony of this contest is that the two candidates Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama may not yet understand the issues of “privatization” and “socialism.”

Republicans as a party and many conservatives look at “socialism” as if it is “Communism.” Many left wing Democrats serve people who feel that those who have worked hard and have accumulated wealth honestly should never-the-less donate most of their earnings to the government. Notice that I didn’t say to “needy people” or “public projects” or any specific goal. No, I said “donate to the government.”

Does Mr. McCain understand that poorly paid soldiers in Iraq are training private Carpetbaggers to do their jobs just so the government can spend ten times the amount to do that job? Does he understand how much money Mr. Bush has exported to Military Industrialist whores like Haliburton, Mobil Oil, Bechtel and hundreds of thousands of his Carpetbagger supporters in Iraq? Does he know it will cost us over 3 trillion dollars for his war? Does he know how to read? Does he know that the Soviet Union was dissolved because it ran out of money? Does he know that their stupid, useless war in Afghanistan caused their dissolution? Can he make the obvious comparison to our stupid useless war in Iraq?

Mr. McCain is a patriot and a beloved war hero. He wants this country to act honorably in Iraq. He wants our country to somehow stabilize an Iranian government set up by an incompetent Neopsychotic administration that he does not understand at all. How can Mr. McCain, an honorable Conservative (not Neo-oxymoronic Conservative) understand that the Bush administration is more loyal to their psychotic convictions than to our own country? There is no way this man can comprehend the extent of the treachery involved in his party’s (however inadvertent by most of its members) wholesale sellout of our country.

It is no coincidence that oil is above one hundred twenty dollars a barrel and gasoline prices soaring beyond belief. Wake up! None of our present problems existed at all before Bush stole a Presidency with the help of his party henchmen including the Supreme Court. Bad enough, whether by abject stupidity, incompetence or purposely allowing the 9/11 attack he used it as an excuse to invent the “Patriot Act” and desecrate our Constitution and subvert our already corrupted CIA and FBI.

The next move, attacking Iraq, fit in wonderfully with his other plans. Not only could Bush and the Neopsychotics deregulate every imaginable aspect of the economy, but they could send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to Iraq to further fill the coffers of the Military Industrialists. There they could insure a long and profitable stay for their true constituents like Haliburton, Mobil Oil and their Carpetbagger supporters.

By deregulating the banks, airlines, utilities, the air waves and especially the oil companies and commodities, their friends could rape the country of millions of dollars. Now speculators could “buy up” oil and natural gas for less than a 5-10% margin (normally this would cost at least a 50% margin) and hold the “stock” to raise the price. People might die in winter but this was no problem for Tom Delay or Dick Cheney or Carl Rove or any of Mr. Bush’s other sleazy traitors.

And, when it came to short changing the soldiers in Iraq and those returning wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan, the sleazy little traitors became- ah- you guessed it: War Criminals!!!

Meanwhile, Mr. McCain and Mr. Will- don’t you worry about the noble Republican ideal of privatization. Everything in Iraq is being privatized. General Karpinski (who took the rap for Abu Ghraib) wasn’t even told that private companies were hired to humiliate and torture prisoners. This, of course, at probably ten times what it would cost for soldiers to fail just as the privateers did in gaining information. Soldier after soldier describes how he or she had to train private company employees in their electronics, radio communication, mechanical work for at least 10 times what soldiers are paid- this so the soldiers could do KP or useless guard duty.

Privatization means that Haliburton and Mobil Oil and Blackwater International can be paid hundreds of billions of dollars to make sure that the oil industry in Iraq does not prosper. They are to insure that as in all Free Market Capitalist countries, the Black Market is to be the chief industry. Not oil! Heaven forbid if enough oil were produced, then the price would decline and Mr. Bush’s Constituents would never stand for that!

Getting red-faced, Mr. McCain? (Mr. Will- you are never embarrassed.) How about privatizing social security? Bill Thomas told President Bush, when you weren’t listening, that he would have to retax Americans at least 3 trillion dollars to replenish the Social Security fund which Mr. Bush had already ransacked of a few hundred billion himself. Trent Lott told everyone in the Senate (except you) the same thing. Because the “naughty Democrats” refused to privatize social security, Mr. Bush spent over a trillion dollars in surpluses in Iraq. You guessed it- most of the money went to Privateers like Haliburton, Mobil Oil and Bechtel and 200,000 carpetbaggers in gratitude for their political contributions.

What else shall we privatize? How about schools? I submit that you, Mr. McCain, and Rush Limbaugh donate your voucher tax money to Reverend Wrights so that he can express his Republican right to teach children hatred with government money. What do you think about that Mr. Will? Shall we privatize the police, the armed forces? I’m sure for ten times the cost, Blackwell International would gladly take over odious jobs from government’s control.

Mr. McCain you are an honorable intelligent man. Please examine your ”Conservative” ideals. Study the consequences. Barry Goldwater is already turning over in his grave. He represented the soul of a true conservative, not the total immorality of Bush-Cheney-Delay-Rove and not the total compromise of those true American ideals that you have always stood for. Those were the ideals for which you were tortured and tested in a foreign land.

Allen Finkelstein D.O.