John Q. Stupid vs John Q. Uninformed

November 18, 2009

Never underestimate the American People and their appetite for war.”

-Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” – November 18, 2009


Recent polls indicate that 65% of John Q. Public feels that the war in Afghanistan may need to be escalated to destroy terrorism there.  Up to 80% of John Q. Public would favor going to war in Iran, informal polls suggest.  Needless to say, both polling results are based on abject ignorance, not as many would lament, abject stupidity.

If John Q. Public were asked, for instance, if a “policy” involving Iran, in which one of their oil wells were destroyed for every act of terrorism involved in the Middle East, would be preferable over wasting thousands of innocent soldiers’ lives- what would he choose?? If the same abjectly uninformed citizen were asked the same thing about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq before the invasion of that country, what would he have said?  If the “policy” added nuclear submarines in the Mediterranean and blockade of all weapons of any kind into the offending country, the evacuation and sinking of any ship with arms targeted for sale to that country- would that not influence the decision??

There is no country in the Western world, save, perhaps, Cuba or Venezuela, whose citizens would choose “war” over “policy.”  I have no doubt that informed citizens in our country would also prefer a “policy” over a useless war.  Our government, however, Republican or Democrat, is not run by informed “policy” decisions!!  It is run by outside interests who purposely keep the public uninformed.  They influence even the liberal media, for the most part, and control the hearts, minds and pocket books of our military.

Is there anyone who could logically argue the necessity of attacking Iran?  Attack their oil and no war is needed.  Attack Hussein’s oil and no Iraq war was necessary, WMD’s or no WMD’s.  Even Israel and its right wing, largely useless government is unwilling to advance a “policy” in which it attacks oil wells.  Faced with extinction, that government, like ours, would rather give up unlimited numbers of lives and psyches than attack a drop of its enemy’s oil.

Amid the lunacy of pseudo Moslem Jihads and pseudo Christian crusades, human life is not important to either of these groups.  One cannot appeal to their logic or sense of fairness or any human emotion.  They need and respect only one thing: money!!!!  Attack their wealth and they cry like children.  From Bin Laden to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Barbara Bachman to the American Nazi Party, the loss of their money makes them cry like babies.

No one can deny that oil is the main issue in the Middle East.  It has been the ultimate reason for every war in this area in the last eighty years.  As long as oil interests are held above human life, as long as one oil well is considered more valuable than thousands of innocent lives, as long as the American public is kept abjectly ignorant of this fact, this country will engage in more useless wars until we are forever lost!!

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.