No Child Left Behind

or There's No Bigot Like a Dumb Bigot

October 17, 2008 

President Bush’s prize project, “No Child Left Behind,” under-funded and mismanaged, has, of course, for all intents and purposes, been “left behind.” Money, however, may not be the ultimate problem.

Despite having bought a college degree, an honorable discharge, multiple Supreme Court Justices, Attorneys General and Justice Department employees, a DUI or two, a Presidency, multiple six packs, a “snort or two” and a mail order “Christian” law school (an oxymoron or maybe just “a moron or two,”) the most famous, and perhaps most disappointing child ever produced in this country has officially fallen and been “left behind.”

It is no surprise, given his stellar, almost perfect record of abject incompetence, that his fellow morons, many of those people who voted for and defended him, are still gleefully holding on to his “soiled” diapers and themselves falling even further “Behind.”

By the way, Mr. Bush, you should have added a few more bucks when you purchased your college degree- they could have thrown in a dictionary. The word you told your campaigners to use to describe John McCain in the 2000 Republican primaries[1] is “Negro” lover[2]. It’s not spelled “N-i-g-g-e-r,” stupid. Besides, his daughter is Asian (from Bangladesh). That’s not spelled “N-i-g-g-e-r” either, stupid. By the way, can you read? Spell this:

“S-t-u-p-i-d   B-i-g-o-t!”


Allen Finkelstein, D.O.


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