The Real Challenge

August 13, 2009

Criticizing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for implying that the United States has a problem with its election system is absurd. Poor Pat Buchanan, whining every time somebody admits a weakness in our government is absurd. If the whiners had their way, we would never correct any of our weaknesses and the “empire” would continue to crumble just as it did for the past eight years. These people are not defending the “process,” they are destroying it.

Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, in stealing votes from innocent black citizens by putting their names in felon roles, are guilty, not the abused process. Amoral judges on the U.S. Supreme Court, willfully violating the Constitution to fix an election subverted the Constitutional process. There is very little wrong with the “Constitutional Process.” (what the founding fathers called “due process,” that entity visible to all citizens but the Bar Association.) It is people willfully violating it and never being called out, let alone punished, that represents the problem.

A strong Secretary of State implies that irregularities may have occurred in Florida and she is criticized for having the guts to say so. A weak Attorney General, Eric Holder, with his own sordid history, is afraid to apply even a dust cloth to the vomitus and debris left by the previous “Justice” Department. What would have happened if a strong Hillary had been elected President and had appointed a strong Dawn Johnson as Attorney General?

What would these people do, actually awake for eight years, after observing an election coup orchestrated by evil genius Karl Rove, the installation of a bigoted young prince, illiterate and incompetent, leading to the putrification of our Justice Department, the SEC, FEMA, the CIA and the blatant violation of our men and women in the Armed Forces? What would they do to save the process? Would they, at least, investigate and fumigate the Justice Department, the CIA, the SEC, FEMA and our defense department? Would they bow to the incessant whining of the Junior Bush apologists, or worse, to the latent Fascists waiting again for another coup?

Barack Obama has more potential for restoration of our process than any President since Abraham Lincoln. The question is whether he will be strong enough to do so? Will he light a fire under Eric Holder? Will he “force” Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to actually do their jobs and pass a bill to mandate competitive bidding in all agencies of Medicare and the proposed “government option?” Will he encourage investigation of the enormous corruption of the Junior Bush Coup even if he ensure that there be no punishment?

This is the real challenge that faces Mr. Obama. Is he strong enough to handle it?

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.