Speech for Hillary

March 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton is not a particularly good speaker. So What! Adult voters wanting to hear about real issues: education, economics, foreign policy, individual, constitutional rights, don’t care as much about being entertained as they do about understanding what is said. Hillary needs to give her own speeches. For now, the chowderheads running her campaign give her speeches to Bill and give her pom-poms and a pants suit. On paper, she is our best candidate for President. Thus far, in person, she is not.

First, Hillary needed and still needs to “talk to the people of America” in a plain conversational voice, like a mother to her family. She needs to say, sincerely, that she has done some soul searching and she has to admit that she did not do enough homework on her health care proposals in the 90’s. Furthermore, “like so many of my colleagues, I did not do my own homework on the issue of war in Iraq. This will never happen again.”

Next, Hillary needs to stop attacking (even to ignore) Mr. Obama. She needs to address Mr. McCain and criticize Mr. Bush. For instance: “Mr. McCain is an honest man unaware of the Neoconservative plans to above all support Haliburton, Mobil Oil and multitudes of carpetbaggers in Iraq. Mr. McCain wanted to use my husband’s contingency plan to attack Iraq. That is the plan designed by Admiral Zinni and General Tommy Franks, the plan endorsed by Colin Powell, General Shinseki and favored even by Donald Rumsfeld. This plan called for some 400,000 troops, 6 months in Iraq and a small contingency force afterward. Why did the Cheney/Bush administration disdain this plan of success for one of intended interference or even failure?

“When their already inadequate plan could have been saved by keeping the Iraqi army intact, the supposedly bumbling Paul Bremmer was called upon to ‘fall on the sword’ by dismantling any hope of having a trained militia. When General Abizaid found that there had been no WMDs in Iraq for years and wanted desperately to guard the Iraqi borders from infiltrating foreign agents, poor Congressman Kay was offered up as the sacrificial (designated) idiot. He warned General Abizaid and his men not to dare guard the borders or risk serious reprimand.

“Similarly, Mr. Bush actually had no plan to save Social Security. His ‘plan’ was to advance another supposedly stupid idea: Privatizing Social Security. We know that my husband grappled with the same erroneous fears of a bankrupted Social Security fund and was told that by investing the huge yearly surplus in the stock market, protecting it from the greedy bureaucracy, the system would be saved. For this, he needed to balance the budget and he did. Of course he had to shut down the government for weeks at a time to show the Republican Congress that he was serious!

“Mr. Bush’s plan would have cost the American taxpayers an extra three trillion (now four trillion) dollars, the amount that the Social Security System is owed by the government. Ah! New taxes! Even the Republican Party thought that this was completely ridiculous. Instead, because those 'damn Democrats' won’t pass his plans, he can spend the trillion dollars surplus during his administration in Iraq. Somehow, we have to fund poor Haliburton, Mobil Oil and the other carpetbaggers raping and pillaging the Iraqi countryside.

“This time, the President fell on his own sword and was willing to fill the role of the designated idiot for the good of the neoconservatives and the real 'evil empire:' what Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex and the phony free market economists.

“Mr. McCain, blindly defending the evil of the current administration is a true irony, since he is not really part of the evil. It is not too late, Mr. McCain, to save your party and the multitude of good people in it from the scourge of the Cheney/Bush economic and constitutional holocaust that is sure to follow.”

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.