From the Beginning

September 7, 2007

From the beginning, we needed a coalition to go into Iraq. We could not entice Arab countries into the coalition, even Turkey, because they knew it was wrong to go in. Period. We went there for our own interests, right or wrong, to protect us from terrorism according to Mr. Bush. This was applauded or confirmed by the Republicans and some of the more illiterate Democrats. Now we still need a coalition even more than we did before!!! Wake up!!! Mr. Bush, with all the understanding of a toad, still claims we are in Iraq now, fighting Al Qaeda there, so we don’t fight them here. His vacuous followers (rats on their way to the beckoning cliffs) chant the same mantra. Apparently, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats give a dang about the Iraqis; they never did. Eliminating Hussein was a ruse!!

The solution in Iraq, if there is one at all, is a coalition of Arab and European countries under UN supervision. Troops need to be augmented, temporarily, until a legitimate Iraqi army can function. True disgraces to our nation, (total embarrassments!) like Cheney, Rumsfeld and our child King George all with a pathological disdain for planning, had an adolescent inability to hold back their “happy ending” as they salivated over entering into Iraq. They were enabled by Tommy Franks, who, so afraid of losing his job, helped these perverts with their premature self-pleasure, even if it involved the deaths of thousands of innocent American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis thus far.

Medals of honor all around… and let’s include Karl Rove, Paul Bremmer and Scooter Libby. On second thought, not Libby. He still has some honor left. The President should be commended for giving these medals to those poor souls who otherwise have no honor left at all…

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.